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HULA Certificate

Saturday, November 22, 2008

More New Stuff

Well, mama's computer died. It was young, only three years old, but it died anyway. Or something like that. Maybe it's that it is about to die. So Dad had to go and buy a new laptop anyway for school, so he's going to give Mama this one. This is the first time I've gotten hold of it, since everyone is busy trying to move all their stuff from one computer to another. Dad has to move all his stuff from this laptop to the new one, and when he's done, Mama has to move all her stuff from the desktop to this one! Dad says the best way to do it would be to have something called an external hard drive, but since the new laptop cost more than he planned on spending, he's panicking now, and Mama won't push him on the hard drive thing. So they have to move everything using a 4 gig flash drive. Something tells me it's going to take them forever!

Mama did manage to set up her store on, though! Because she loves us so much, she named her store Siberian Star Beads, except it's all one word. And she made another Sibe holiday ornament to sell, since the first one went to Indy's mom for a donation. And Mama promised us that if any ornaments sell, she'll donate some of the proceeds to ASHRA: Arizona Siberian Husky Rescue and Adoption. Arooooooooooooooo! I knew we loved her for a reason! ASHRA is in both Phoenix and Tucson, and they get a lot of dogs. Mama would like to foster for them, but Lita still starts fights, and the last visitor we had, well, that didn't go so well with me, either. He was a young Border Collie mix, very nice and well-mannered, but I didn't like him playing with my pawrents! So I tried to eat him. Mama was very happy I was on a leash, and very shocked that I could be aggressive, since I'm usually such an easygoing fellow. I was sad that I made her upset, but I share my pawrents enough!

Anyway, gotta go for now! Until next time!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

A New Experience

Thor here. Mama and the little biped went on their own adventure today, and they didn't take us along! But it's okay, because I don't think any of us really wanted to go on this one. They went to a ranch called Cowtown Keeylocko. It's a working cowtown, owned and built by one of the few African-American cowboys in the area. Ed Keeylocko's got chickens and pigs wandering around loose, and horses and cows and bulls. It's a real Old West type of cowtown. It even has a jail, and the rumor mill has it that on occasion, overly rowdy Border Patrol officers have been put in it! We didn't want to go along because we heard that a whole bunch of pigs can be kind of mean. I don't know how true that is, but I can say I didn't want to find out! Individually, though, I think I'd like to make the acquaintance of a pig...bacon and ham and sausage are really tasty! So is cow, but these cows haven't gone to the factory yet, so they're a lot bigger than I am, and Mama says they have REALLY sharp horns!

But the little biped had lots of fun! For awhile today, she was the only child on the ranch, and the cowboys all spoiled her! One of the cowboys, RJ, even let her ride a horse! A BIG horse too, not one of the little ones! I am very proud of her. Mama showed us the video, and the midget wasn't the least bit scared, probably because she's used to big dogs like us, and she feels that horses are just really big dogs! They're not, of course, but she's three, so why argue?

She also made another friend--this is the one we wanted to meet! Doesn't he look tasty? Just think of all the ham, sausage, bacon, spareribs, roast, and pork chops we could get out of him! Yummy! Only two problems with that, though. For one thing, Mama says they smell really bad, which doesn't bother us, but I guess she doesn't like it, and since she's the chief cook in our house, when it comes to food, her word is the law. The other problem is that Dad is Jewish as well as Italian, and isn't supposed to eat pork. Hmmm. Dad does eat sausage and bacon when Mama cooks the big breakfast on Sunday mornings, so I think he plays that card when it's something he doesn't like. I'm just sayin'.
Mama was kind enough, though, to bring us back treats from Keeylocko! They had cooked a brisket, and Mama brought it back for us! Mmmmm, so tender and juicy and delicious! Mama didn't like it much and said it was a heart attack waiting to happen, and she also said not to expect such treats all the time because she loves us and wants us to live a long time. Huh. If she loves us so much, we should be getting treats like this all the time, don't you think? I think so, and I'm pretty sure my sisters would agree! I think if LeeLee becomes the Queen of the West, the first law she should pass is one making brisket a required treat! Ha roo!!!
Here's the video Mama made of the little biped on her first ride! Have I mentioned that I'm proud of her being so fearless? Her bravery is entirely due to us dogs!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Dorky Family, and My Fantastic Idea

Hello, all. This is LeeLee, taking over the blog for today. I wanted to be certain that everyone knows exactly how dorky my family is. To that end, I clawed Mama into taking the pictures in this entry. I wanted video, but there isn't enough light in the living room, so I'm stuck with just still pictures to illustrate how far below me the rest of the family is, at least of the canine set.

As I'm sure you all know, I'm not very fond of Smoky and Bandit to begin with. Labs are just too sappy and want to please everyone. But Thor is supposed to be a Sibe, and I am very disappointed in him. He doesn't woo, and he hardly ever does anything Mama and Dad don't like, except countersurfing. He's even--dare I say it--obedient!!! One begins to wonder if he isn't another Lab in a Sibe suit, like the Ao4's Dave. And no, I don't countersurf, only because I'm not tall enough, and I'm too fluffy yet to easily get up on the counter.

Well, anyway, he decided to have a huge wrestling match with Dad last night, along with Smoky and Bandit. Dad's a dork too. Look at him pretending to be scared of Thor. How sad is this? At least Mama is smart enough to stay out of this. Of course, that could be because I was making her take all the photographic evidence.

Oh, yes, my fantastic idea! I almost forgot! Mama always refers to me as the more obnoxious Meeshka of the West, which is a horrible thing to say, as I have seen no evidence to date that would support the claim that Meeshka is obnoxious in any way. But, as she seems to think we are so alike, it occurs to me that the position of Queen of the West stands vacant, and I thought I would volunteer to take over that position, if the great Meeshka has no objection. Isn't that a wonderful idea? After all, there is a LOT of land to administer, and the West is still pretty wild sometimes. So, I'm nominating my fluffy self to be the Queen of the West and keep all the pups on this side of the country in line! Of course, I need a second in command to help me, and I think Thunder of Colorado would be a perfect assistant, if he would be willing. Or maybe even Tucker, since he certainly seems to do a good job of keeping Sinjin in his place!
Of course, I would still ultimately defer to our great Queen in the East who does, after all, have so much more experience at being royalty than I do. When we dogs manage to get near the computer, I read Meeshka's memoirs faithfully, and memorize her lessons for use in my own house! Ha roo!!
Off to eat now,

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bowling for kitties

Echo's mom gave all the SMS ladies a new gadget to play with, and Mama is addicted now. It's called Cat Bowling. Can you imagine? I had to see this! Well, pups, I don't see the attraction. The cats aren't even real! They're just drawings. And there are no dogs at all, just aiming a pumpkin and hitting the kitties with it. Humans are entranced with the weirdest things sometimes. I wonder what my friend Huffle will say when she finds out about this site. I bet kitty-claws will be liberally applied, ha roo! I hear Huffle's claws are worthy of Her Majesty, Queen Meeshka, herself! I think she's on tour right now, although her mom doesn't know it, and she's visiting a few SMS pups on her tour. Those moms better watch out! I don't think Huffle will like a bowling for kitties game!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Mama hasn't let me on the computer since June 1! And here we are about to go into October! Sheesh! We missed posting about a bunch of stuff. The little biped had a birthday a couple of days after my last post, so I'll say happy birthday to her first of all--she's three now! And she started school in August. Mama leaked about that; I don't really know why. You would think she'd be happy to get a break! We sure were!

Mama didn't have a choice about letting me blog today. Ha roo! All the SMS bloggers got an award from my honorary Sibe-sister, Khyra, so she had to let me post it! Here it is!

Kick ass blog

Isn't it khool? Thank woo, sis!! Now maybe Mama will let me post more often!

Oh, and Mama is making Siberian Husky holiday ornaments with beads to sell. I got hold of a picture of it. Okay, it's not done yet. She still has to make a hanger for it, and put a backing on it so that it hangs right on a front door, and edging, and fringes that swing like a fluffy tail, but I love it! What's better looking than a Siberian Husky, after all? Ha roo roo roooooo! Now I want her to make one that looks like me! She's gonna sell these on

But our most major news is this: we had an adventure! Well, my Lab sisters and I had a small adventure, but my Sibe-sister LeeLee had a big one! And Mama says that if I post this, I have to tell you humans that this is one of the reasons you have to research a breed before you get a dog and be aware of all the quirks and habits. There, I said it, Mama. See, we had an escape one night. To quote Snoopy, it was a dark and stormy night, and all of us took off when Mama and Dad got home. Well, Smoky, Bandit, and I got home by three a.m., but LeeLee didn't stay with us during our adventure; she went off on her own. Mama was frantic, driving all over the neighborhood calling until 4 a.m., but she never found LeeLee. At 6, the phone rang, and it was a family seven miles away, on the other side of the highway! LeeLee had wandered into their yard!

We were VERY lucky to get LeeLee back! We Sibes like to run and run and run, and we look around and realize we're lost and have no idea how to get home, so we find a human who looks friendly. That's why our yards have to be very, very secure, and our humans have to be very, very careful. And microchipping does help, but only if we go somewhere we will get scanned for one, and only if the chip is registered! Escapes are a big Siberian trait, so make sure you read up about us before you bring one of us home! LeeLee was lucky enough not to get hurt, but escapes don't always have happy endings!

Until next time,

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Early Morning Hunt

Thor's mama here. He has--grudgingly--allowed me to post this blog, although he will probably add his own words to it later.

We live in a manufactured home, which means that the dogs have long ago torn down the skirting at the back of the house so they can stare at the chipmunks and squirrels that constantly get under there. Well, lately there has been a pigeon, also known as a flying rat, living under there and driving the dogs insane, because, of course, they can't get to it.

Well, early Memorial Day morning, when I let the dogs into the yard to take care of business, the idiot bird, who has seen the dogs in the yard every morning, is in the yard, strolling around like it belongs there. The dogs did not take this invasion lightly, and Thor, my beautiful, gimpy-legged baby boy, proceeded to prove that a bum leg does not impede him in any way. The flying rat launched itself into the air, frantic to get away, getting about five feet up...and so did Thor. He snatched the bird out of the air...from above, even though he had been standing on the ground a second before. He caught both wings in his mouth and landed lightly on his feet. I have never seen him look so proud, with his head and tail both held high as he pranced across the yard. I hated to tell him to drop it, but, well, they're called flying rats for a reason! So he dropped it, and Smoky and Bandit converged from the left and right simultaneously, while LeeLee barked and jumped excitedly. Big three-way melee ensued, and when the dust settled, there was a dead pigeon without a mark on it, feathers everywhere, and three proud, successful hunters whose praises were being sung by the fourth!

Thor here now. Don't let Mama fool you. The only reason I dropped the stupid bird in the first place was because Mama was standing in the doorway in her pajamas, jumping up and down and screaming at me like an idiot. And LeeLee wasn't singing our praises, she was criticizing our techniques! Not that she did anything at all! And Mama, as much as we love her, wasn't smart enough to have a camera right by the back door to video our hunt! Humans!


Monday, May 19, 2008

The Name Game

I've been tagged by Echo for a new game! It's really easy--you spell out your name in Japanese, using this key:

A - ka, B - tu, C - mi, D -te, E - ku, F - lu, G - ji, H - ri, I - ki, J - zu, K - me, L - ta, M - rin, N - to, O - mo, P - no, Q - ke, R - shi, S - ari, T - chi, U - do, V - ru, W - mei, X - na, Y - fu, Z - zi

Here are all of our names:

Thor: Chirimoshi
Lita: Takichiki
Smoky: Aririnmomefu
Bandit: Tukatotekichi

We did Mama, Dad, and the little biped too--now efurrypuppy that doesn't know them can work backwards to figure out their names! Ha roo! Arichikamifu, Karukatamoto, Chishimofu--who's who?!

Now I tag the ThunderStorm, Sitka and Tia, Huffle Mawson, Turbo, Tucker, and Indy!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tagged and Tagging

Mama is finally letting me back on the computer. It's about time! I got tagged by my friends Echo and Fenway, and I have been patiently waiting for Mama to let me do this! So here are the rules:

1. Post a 6-word memoir on your blog and include visuals if you'd like.
2. Link to the blog and dog who tagged you, ideally to their original memoir post.
3. Tag at least 5 more pups with blogs, link to them, and leave a comment with an invitation to play.

So without further ado, my six words:

1. Handsome
2. Fortunate
3. Rescued
4. Loving (and loved!)
5. Happy
6. Affectionate

I didn't feel like taking pictures, so you'll have to content yourself with pictures already in various places in the blog!

I'm tagging Shelby and Maddox, the Rasta Boyz, the RHP, the Kapp Pack, and Flurry and Aja!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Thor vs. Troy

Mama filmed us playing with Dad tonight! Well, me, mostly. Our camera isn't all that great, so the picture is a little fuzzy, but you can still see it!

Mama didn't even get upset when I stepped on her foot; she just laughed at me. We are much loved pups!

Monday, May 5, 2008

A Furball in Need

Our Mala-pal, Holly, has posted a challenge issued by her friend Izzie, to post this badge on our blogs and click on it every day for a week.

The Animal Rescue Site
I have decided that we will be a part of that challenge. But I'd like to see it kept going for more than a week. Thus, I issue my own challenge: one month. That's thirty days. Not so hard. We can do that, can't we? It's just one click of the millions of clicks you'll make in a day. Click here to get your own badge.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

AVON Calling!

Sigh. Okay, I'm doing this--under duress!--for Mama. In addition to starting to do beadwork to sell on Etsy, she also decided to sell Avon. I don't use the stuff, personally, so I don't see the big deal, but if it helps get goodies in the house for us, I'm all for it! So please check out Mama's Avon store. Help a dog out! There, Mama, I did the plug for you. You owe me livergreat for this one!



Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I am a dog. I am not a wolf, nor am I, although I look like one, any more closely related to one than your average Chihuahua. That being said, dogs and wolves are related, way back when, and therefore I have quite a few concerns about the fact that timber wolves are now off the endangered list, and can now be killed again with impunity.

Humans say that the wolves kill their livestock, and therefore deprive them of their livelihood. I have something to say about that: every living creature on this planet is driven to procreate for the continuation of their species, not just humanity. Procreation leads to families, which means that every living creature needs a home and food. If humanity takes away the land that provides your home and takes away the ability to feed your young, then you watch them die, and you face extinction.

It is interesting to note that there is not one species of animal that has sanctioned the mass murder of humanity to save themselves. Only humanity holds that distinction. Humanity is a species of excess. You MUST have more land. You MUST have more money. You MUST have a better car, house, television, clothing, child than your neighbor. Why can't you be happy with what you have? Why must there be the deforestation issue that has taken the homes of millions of animals? Why are there trophy hunters? Why must the rainforest be destroyed? Why do you abuse your children and pets? Why would you protect the wolves long enough to bring up their numbers, only to turn around and kill them again as soon as they are no longer endangered? This actually makes sense to you?

"What is man without the beasts? If all the beasts were gone, man would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts, soon happens to man. All things are connected."--Chief Seattle, 1854

This is one of Mama's favorite quotes. Not all humans are as stupid as the ones that have declared war on animals. Mama and her friends are among the smarter ones. This Chief Seattle sounds like someone I would have liked. I don't think he would like the world today. There are so many species of animal that are in danger of extinction. Timber wolves. Bengal tigers. Siberian tigers. Giant pandas. Alligators. Buffalo. Elephants. Pronghorn antelope. Peregrine falcons. Golden eagles. Condors. Blackfooted ferrets. Gorillas. Whales. Cheetahs. Leopards. Jaguars. Polar bears. Arctic wolves. Mexican wolves. Hippos. Seals. Sea otters. I could go on and on, but Mama is helping me with this one, and her eyes are leaking too much for her to see.

You humans need to get your acts together. One day, it will be you facing extinction. And, at the rate your species is going, far too many of you will not be missed by the rest of the species on the planet.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Reason Why: Firefly

Dad was teasing Mama about the title of my blog here, and it occurred to me that I should explain it a little. The title is my nod to Mama's favorite show, Firefly. It was a really good show that got cancelled a couple of years ago, but Mama owns the DVD set of the series and the movie that came out later, which was called Serenity. Joss Whedon, who produced Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, is the guy who produced Firefly as well. It was a sci-fi series, and it was more grown up than the other two shows. Mama got addicted to the show and used to watch it over and over until Dad got sick of it! In the show, they always referred to the universe as "the 'verse", so that's where I got the title from!


Mama's Newest Thing, and Pictures!!

Mama has decided to try and find a way to work at home, so she can add to the household income that provides us with Canidae and cookies, and yet be home where she can be readily available to serve us as needed. Oh, yeah, and so she can be home with the little furless biped too. So she is looking for a job in something called data entry, and also decided to try her hand at crafting stuff for a website called Dad is trying to figure out how to set up a workspace for her in the living room, Mama's making lists of tools she will need but doesn't yet have, and trying to think of a name for her Etsy store. She wants one that is Siberian-related, of course! Good mama! So , all suggestions from everysibe will be appreciated and considered. She does all kinds of stuff, but mostly beading on the loom and freehand. Look at all the beads she's got! All of those little boxes and pill bottles are full of beads! She says they're all size 11/0, which means they're pretty small. She told me that the larger the number, the smaller the bead, and she also works with size 14/0 beads for really detailed stuff. Wow! Imagine how small those are! I know she has some of those sitting around the house somewhere, but she won't let me see them. She's afraid that if I stick my nose in there to smell them, I'll inhale them and then we'll have to go to the vet. I'm not pressing the issue, since I have NO desire to visit the vet!

Mama said that she plans to take some of her beading graph paper and make transparencies so she can do some really special stuff. There are two types of graph paper she has. One has tons and tons of ovals in straight rows, all touching each other. That paper is for making designs for the loom, which is that wood thing in the picture. Then there's another paper for something called peyote designs, where the beads won't be in straight lines. Too confusing for me. Anyway, if she makes these transparency things, she can put it over a picture and then photocopy it so that the graph shows up on the picture and she can bead the picture! Cool, huh? She's already promised to do one of ME first!! I can't wait! Some of this stuff is pretty! Here's a picture of one Mama never finished.

Now, what all this means is that everypuppy has to get hold of their biped's plastic card thingies when Mama gets things going, and buy stuff so that she can buy us stuff! Ha roo roo roo! Only kidding! We'll see how well it goes!

Mama's been taking pictures of us again too. I forgot to run when she was doing it, so she finally got some of me and LeeLee together. Oh, well, I suppose she can have those few. I'll be generous.

We had another fight here the other day. I don't know if LeeLee started it or Smoky did, but we all got involved, and Mama and Dad weren't real happy with any of us afterward. We all got timeouts in our crates. The little furless biped wasn't happy about that, since she wanted to play with us, but Mama and Dad said she would have to live with it because we were in trouble.

LeeLee got revenge though. The next night, after we got to play in the yard for awhile, she came in the house and went directly to my crate to go to the bathroom on the carpet right in front of it! Mama and Dad weren't happy about that either, because they had to clean it up. There's something to be said for not having opposable thumbs! But I wasn't happy about it either, because it was right in front of my crate! And LeeLee just laughed at me. I don't know why she did it. I think it was just mean. I never go potty in the house anymore. I'm a big boy. LeeLee is just being bratty. She tries to take over Mama and get all the attention, but I'm not about to let that happen! I don't mind letting Mama pet her sometimes, but her lap and her bed are all mine! I already have to share with Smoky and Bandit!

Speaking of my Lab sisters, don't they look cute sleeping together on the sofa? Bandit's on the left, and Smoky on the right. It took Mama a long time to get a good shot of them, so it's a good thing they were sound asleep! Mama says it's really hard to get decent pictures of them because they're so dark they usually just look like black blotches in the middle of a picture. Having seen some of Mama's pictures, I'd have to say she's right about that, but I think that's more Mama's fault than my sisters' color! Ha roo!

Anyway, here's one last picture for now, and then it's naptime for me! Avi was showing LeeLee her tiger that she calls "Cat", but LeeLee wasn't hungry just then! Ha roo!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lucas needs more help!

I hope everydoggy remembers Lucas, the Sibe in McMinnville Tennessee whose owner filed 30 of his teeth down to the gumline because he was chewing things. If not, here's a quick update. His owner was seen beating him, and Lucas was taken away, only for his rescuers to see that thirty of his teeth had been filed down to the gums, exposing the pulp and the nerves, because he was chewing things he shouldn't. Can you imagine what it must feel like to have THIRTY teeth all hurting and bleeding at the same time? This is what training is for, humans!

Anyway, his owner, Christopher Barnett, was charged and went to court the other day. Originally he was being charged with a misdemeanor, but lots of people signed petitions and sent letters asking for a stronger penalty, and the charges were upgraded to a felony! Good humans! Pat yourselves on the head and have a treat.

But Lucas still needs help, because the court case has been turned over to a grand jury. So we're starting a new letter-writing campaign. Please send letters to the following address:

Lisa Zavogiannis
District Attorney
Lucas the Siberian Husky
131 East Main Street
McMinnville, TN 37110

Reference: Christopher Lee Barnett Animal Abuse Case - Lucas, Siberian Husky for the Grand Jury

The felony penalty, as it stands now, carries a fine of $3000 and a two year prison term. Mama and a lot of other humans (I mean a LOT) don't feel like this is enough, and I have to say that I and my sisters agree. Maybe people wouldn't do these things if they got more than a slap on the wrist! So please, write letters and sign every petition for justice for Lucas. He needs all our help. If Mr. Barnett is acquitted or anything like that, there is a possibility that HE WOULD GET LUCAS BACK!!! The idea is unthinkable! Please, please, write and let your voice be heard!

Thank you,

Thor, LeeLee, Smoky, and Bandit

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thank you, Mr. President!

Thank you to our presidential candidate, Turbo, for answering my questions so promptly. Definitely a good indication of how well you would handle crises as president! The Wild Hunt pack of Arizona fully pupports your candidacy and will certainly be voting for you! I'm sure that you have plenty of pupporters all over the world!


Monday, March 31, 2008

Questions for our President to Be

Running for Presidential election this year is our very own Turbo, whose campaign manager is my honorary sister Khyra. Recently, it has come to my attention that nodoggy has made an attempt to interview our prestigious presidential candidate! Unbelievable!

So, to rectify the situation, I have come up with several questions to ask Mr. Turbo, so that the humans are very well aware of his campaign platforms.

1. Turbo, will there be an anti-plucking law passed if you are elected? Many pups, during coat blowing season, are followed about by their humans, who constantly pluck at loose tufts of fur. This is quite irritating to many of your constituents.

2. Livergreat. The humans need to know, in no uncertain terms, your stand on livergreat. Are you for or against?

3. Do you support the notion that if a human gives a dog a bath, the dog has the right to return the favor and bathe the human?

4. How do you feel about the segregation between dogs and cats? Should they be forcibly integrated, and if so, why?

5. Cuz toys. Should we all have them? Why or why not?

6. Queen and king-sized beds. Is there a law requiring us to share these things with the humans?

These are a few of the questions the world would love answers to. I will post more questions throughout the course of the campaign.



Mama and I had our birthday this past Friday! I turned four, and Mama says she had the 19th annifursary of her 21st birthday. That sounds like 40 to me, but what do I know? Mama bought livergreat for us dogs, and Dad took her and Avi to a restaurant to eat, so Mama wouldn't have to cook. And look what he bought for her! It's a drum! Mama doesn't play it, though, and she wouldn't even let us sniff at it! She put it on a hook on the ceiling where no one but she or Dad can get to it! How mean! But that's okay, because Mama did something really silly today! She was baking cookies with the little biped, and she burned a batch of them. She threw them away in a bag she had hanging from the cabinet door and forgot they were there! Well, I didn't forget!! They were delicious! Sour cream cookies! Yum! Mama came into the kitchen right after I finished the last one, so all she saw me doing was licking my chops! Ha roo! And no, I didn't share a single bite with any of my sisters!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

LeeLee update

Well, my Sibe-sister has been here for nearly two months now, and aside from one fight, we have all been doing pretty well with her and vice versa. She still growls a bit occasionally, and gives Smoky and Bandit the hairy eyeball, but she hasn't actually started any more fights. Of course, Mama and Dad keep a pretty close eye on her since the last one!
It looks like her diet is paying off too! Princess Holly's mama told our mama that Holly was on a diet of kibble and green beans, so Mama decided to try that with LeeLee. It seems to be working! When she went to the vet (after the fight), LeeLee weighed seventy two pounds. Mama says she's going to take her in to be weighed again, because she looks a bit thinner than she was.
LeeLee still isn't allowed to sleep in the bedroom with the rest of us, because she likes to woo at the small biped until she wakes up, chews everything she can get her teeth into, and doesn't let Mama and Dad go to sleep. She kisses them awake every time they doze off! They keep trying though, and Dad says she'll eventually figure out that she's home for good, just like I did, and she'll relax. I don't know...if she relaxes, that means she'll get to sleep in the bedroom too, and I don't think I like that idea. She likes to lie on top of Mama, and that's MY spot! Nobody gets to lie on Mama but me! Even if I choose to sleep on the floor, no one else gets to lie on Mama. LeeLee tried last night, and I pushed her all the way down to Mama's feet and took my spot back, and put my head under Mama's chin, which she thought was really sweet. I wasn't trying to be sweet, I was marking my territory!! Ha roo roo roo!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter, Everypup!

Today is Easter Sunday, the day the Easter Beagle arrives, bringing candy and treats to all children, whether they have fur or not! We've been looking for him, but he hasn't gotten here yet. Mama says that houses that only have children only get an Easter bunny, but houses where there are furkids and furless biped kids get the Easter beagle, which I think is way better! Here's what he looks like:


So if you see him, be sure to let us know where he is, so we can figure out how soon he'll be here at our house!

While we're waiting for him, Mama subjected me to a grooming session! I was not happy, but I submitted with grace...this time! It's getting hot out in Arizona at this time of year, so getting rid of all that loose fur was kind of a good thing. Mama's going to get Smoky next, and maybe Bandit too. She had to have Dad put LeeLee in the crate while she groomed me, because LeeLee was eating the pile of fur! YUCK!

Since there was discussion of coat blowing among the Sibe-slaves on SMS, as well as some pictures, Mama decided to join the fray. So here are some pictures:

As you can see here, I am very unhappy with the situation.

Disgusted dog

And here are some pictures of all the fur Mama got from me before her arms got tired. She gave up before I was fully groomed, with a threat to finish the process later!

Another dog!

Half-groomed woolly and pile of fur

The Easter Beagle better bring me a whole roll of livergreat just for me because I was so good for this! Even the little biped helped Mama! She got the pin brush and brushed me for awhile. Mama had to show her how, but she really wanted to help, so she's learning. The things a Sibe has to put up with sometimes!



Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Missing you, Sasha

Yesterday, we lost a good friend named Sasha. She was her mama's first Siberian, and her mama was with her to the very end, letting her know how very much she was loved. We couldn't all be there with her, though we would have been if we could have. To her mama and dad: you did the best thing for her that you could do, and that was to let her go without suffering. She will wait for you and watch over you from the Rainbow Bridge, and she will love you always, just as you loved her. She is young again, and wearing her silver harness with pride.

Sasha, we will miss you very much until we see you again.

Sasha RIP March 18, 2008

It's Plucking Season!

No, it isn't me, and it isn't LeeLee either! It's Smoky and Bandit! Mama says they both look like moths have been at them. Well, I would have to agree with her there. I have to find Mama's camera so I can take pictures to make fun of them. Mama has been following them around the house, plucking out the tufts of fur on Smoky's rear end. Smoky has taken to running from Mama, but Mama just waits till she catches her asleep and plucks away until Smoky wakes up. It's very sad and pathetic. I have a feeling that when LeeLee and I blow our coats, Mama's going to have a pluckfest. Tubey or Meeshka should pass a law that plucking is illegal!

Mama made a big mistake with them tonight, too: she decided to use the shedding blade on Bandit in the living room! On the white carpet! Ha roo roo roo! You should have seen the mess! Mama was covered in Bandit's fur, and the white carpet was black! She looked so funny! I wish I knew where the camera was so I could have taken a picture of it! And what made it worse is that the Hoover doesn't do a good job of picking up the fur, so Mama had to pick it out of the carpet by hand! I bet she doesn't make that mistake again! Bandit didn't like being groomed, so she got her revenge without doing a single thing! Way to go, sis!

Woos until next time,

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Of Annifursaries and Veterinarians

Yesterday was my Gotcha Day! I've been with Mama for a whole year, and she hasn't dumped me or hurt me at all, even when She still loves me! Dad does too, and so does Avi, but Mama's my favorite, and I'm hers! I got to play all day yesterday, and to sleep on the bed whenever I wanted, and I even got a special dinner! Well, everydog got the special dinner, but they got it because of me! Mama made something called albondigas, a Mexican meatball soup. It's got rice and meatballs and broth. It's supposed to be soup, but for some reason, Mama's always comes out like a stew, really thick and filling. No kibble last night, just meatball stew. YUM! But I didn't get to sleep in the bedroom last night. We all slept in our crates. Mama and Dad said we were too wild last night. Can you believe that? Just because we woke Avi up a couple of times!

LeeLee was the one who had the big adventure, though. We all had a fight on Friday, and when Mama came out to break it up, Smoky, Bandit, and I had LeeLee down and we were playing tug-of-war with her. Mama wasn't happy with any of us! She threw a bucket at us to break up the fight, and LeeLee ran away. Bandit had put some holes in her butt, and Mama didn't find them till the next day. She made Dad take her to the pharmacy to buy Betadyne to clean them with, but they got infected anyway, so this morning LeeLee and Mama went to the vet.

Boy, was Mama mad at that vet! She hurt LeeLee with needles and pulled the scab off of one of the wounds, and then was surprised when LeeLee yelped and snapped her head around real fast. She didn't try to bite her, but the vet says she did! She told Mama that we would all eventually kill LeeLee, and that LeeLee should be rehomed with someone who actually knew dogs, and Mama should watch Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer. Mama was really mad, and she came out of the vet and called Khyra's mama to vent. Khyra's mama calmed her down, and Mama took LeeLee to Petsmart, where she got to meet a whole bunch of developmentally disabled kids, and she had a really good time getting petted and giving kisses. Then Mama took her to the hardware store to pick up an air conditioner for the living room, and she got to go in there too, where she said hello to everyone coming in and out of the store. So she actually had more of an adventure today than I did for my annifursary! That wasn't fair, but I forgive Mama, because I know she loves me best!


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We're Funky!

This is so khool! Our pal Dakota nominated us for the Funky Blog award, because she likes our new look. Mama helped with it--I have to give credit where credit is due! And I have consulted with LeeLee, Smoky, and Bandit on who we should nominate for the funky blog award.


So, without further ado, here are our nominations for this prestigious award:

1- The Army of Four (hey, my girlfriend blogs there! And her humans are way khool!)

2- Holly's House (one of the sweetest Malagals I know)

3- Meeshka's World (not only is she our queen and commander of HULA, but she does the best cartoons in the world!)

So those are our nominees for the funkiest blogs around. Dakota, of course, is also not only a funky blogger, but an awesome interior decorator. She can come decorate our place any time! Dakota, maybe you can give me tips on how to make my crate look nice? I'm a guy, after all--what do I know about home decor??

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


While Mama and I were working on this blog a little while ago, we came across a link to a news story that made water leak out of Mama's eyes, and made the rest of us woo.

Lucas is a handsome black and white Sibe in McMinniville, Tennessee. He's only a little over a year old, and has been being tortured by his owner for some time. The bone around his eyesocket has been fractured, and 30 of his teeth were filed down so much that the nerves are exposed and bleeding. He'll never be able to eat normally, and will always have to have soft foods. But he's still a sweet, sweet boy. Someone finally saw his owner beating him, and saved him from the...well, I can't think of any words bad enough to describe a human like that. Mama has a lot of words that might cover it, but I'm not allowed to use that kind of language.

Anyway, that's when all of this was discovered. Poor boy. The people who have him now are going to try and save as many of his teeth as they can, and pull the ones that can't be saved. I hope he gets a really good home after everything he's been through.

They say it will cost thousands of dollars to help this baby, and they are asking for donations to be sent to:

Sparta Road Veterinary Clinic
4021 Sparta Hwy.
McMinnville, TN 37110

Donators are asked to specify that they want their donations to be used for Lucas' medical expenses.

The police in McMinniville have put out a warrant to arrest Lucas' owner on cruelty charges. We are praying very hard that they get him.

So all you Sibes and other dogs out there that have been rescued and wound up with humans that love you, tonight let your biped family have extra cuddles with you to thank them for being good to you.

Woos until next time,
Thor, LeeLee, Smoky, and Bandit

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Well, we didn't do much today. It was a really warm day today--in the mid seventies, so we didn't stay outside much. We laid around the house most of the day, and when we weren't lying around, we were taking turns climbing into laps. Mama and Dad make these wonderful pain noises when LeeLee does it, because she can't jump up like I can. So she jumps partway up, her front paws land very hard in someone's lap, and her back legs scrabble to get the rest of the way up, usually against someone's legs. That's when they make those noises. It's really funny! They're like big squeek toys!

Mama even curled up with the whole pack on the floor today and took a nap with us. She figured it was safer and less painful to nap on the floor than it would be to get LeeLee up on the bed. She's probably right. But LeeLee is doing really well on her green-bean-and-Canidae diet, and she runs almost as fast as me in the backyard!

So, since we didn't do much today, Mama is letting me post the pictures we do have of our friends from Jer-man-ee. They emailed us today to say hi!

First, this is Sonja:


And this is George:


Mama took the pictures with her cell phone, which is why they didn't come out very good. It doesn't have a flash, which is kind of stupid, I think. All cameras should have a flash, if you're in a dim room! But the phone still takes better pictures than our actual digital camera, so I guess I can't complain TOO much.

Back to napping now. See you next time!


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our new friends are gone!

Our new friends from Jer-man-ee left yesterday. We were really sad to see them go, but they have to go to other places in this country, and then go back home. Sonja said she misses her dogs a lot--they are with her oldest daughter and her granddaughter. She doesn't look old enough to have a granddaughter, but she does! She says she's going to keep in touch with Mama by email. That'll be good! She invited us to come and stay with her and George in Jer-man-ee. Well, she invited Mama, Dad, and Avalon, anyway. Mama said we wouldn't be able to go, because we would have to stay in something called kwar-en-teen, which means we wouldn't get to see them, or Sonja and George's house, or their dogs, because Mama and Dad wouldn't be visiting for more than a week, and this kwar-en-teen thing is for something like SIX weeks. Not khool!

The day before they left, they spent the WHOLE day with us, and Sonja took lots of pictures of me with Mama! That was fun. Then they went out to dinner with our family, but they couldn't take us along.

Avi has a big crush on George. She kept calling his name over and over all day. Everybody thought it was really cute.

Our camera didn't get any good pictures of them, so hopefully Sonja will send hers to us when they get a chance, and I can post them here then. I want to see what her dogs look like. Mama saw pictures of them and said they're really pretty dogs. Sonja has one black Doberman, and one chocolate--just like Bandit and Smoky! Except her black one is a boy.

She also showed Mama pictures of their house in Jer-man-ee. I happened to be looking over Mama's shoulder at those. They have a great garden, with lots of pretty flowers, and it's just the way Mama likes it. It's not a formal garden, it's a friendly one. And a nice house in a small village. It's very green, with lots of big trees and grass! Mama says she would love to go visit, if she had the money! I wonder if there are any Sibes there?


Monday, February 18, 2008

RESCUE: Help Needed for Sibe-mix in NC

Mama came across this today, and got permission to crosspost, so I told her she could use my blog to help get the word out. Here's the email she got:

"Thank you for crossposting this. The only info I have is what I posted in the HH message board and some things Diana and I talked about yesterday.

"I really wish I could find someone, I don't mind you putting my information out there, I need to find a home for him soon. I live in a small little town, and what happened is my dog was "accused" of killing someone's cat, although he has never done anything like that. In fact he lets my cats sleep on top of him. He is the most incredible animal, and part of my family. But this town makes the law as they go. Several people have said he is a terror now, and want him put down. Which I am scared they will get some legal ground to do, be it truth or not. Plus several people have stated that he might have to get a snack thrown to him, I suppose they are plotting to poison him. So here I am with 60+ pounds of Solid White Siberian Husky laying in my living room floor, trying to stay cool while we stay warm. I have cried all day, and emailed every rescue, but all the info that can get out is great. I feel like that finding him a new home is urgent. Note to he is great I mean great with Autistic children.So do you know anyone in the Southern United States that would take in a white mixed breed husky to keep him from being killed.

Thank you, Diana"

Diana's son is autistic and can't understand why his dog has to be killed. I am not sure it would come down to that but you know small towns in the south seem to be able to do what they want. He is 4 yrs old and his name is Napoleon. She is willing to deliver him or meet half way. 1-828-733-3277 name is Diane Fay"

Mama doesn't know anyone in North Carolina, except the rescue I came from, so she's going to contact them to see if they can help, but any other help we can find would be really appreciated. Thanks to everydog that reads this one!


The Snow Didn't Come!

We waited and waited and waited, and the fluffy white stuff NEVER came! We were so disappointed! But Mama says that's typical of Arizona weather. Hmph! I've got some words for whoever wrote the weather report that said we were going to get snow! We didn't even see snow on the mountaintops, and we are surrounded by mountain ranges! Not one single snowflake! Mama better get on the ball and get this house sold! Hey, Meeshka, can I claw the weatherpeople for lying to us? It seems like that would only be fair!

On the plus side, we did get to have some khool khompany last night! Sonya and George work for the man that bought the house across from us, and they're staying there while they're in town. They are from some place called Jer-man-ee. Oh...Mama says it's spelled Germany. I like my spelling better. Anyway, that's where they're from, and they have dogs too, so they liked meeting us! ALL of us at once, too! They weren't real fond of The Tongue, though.

Sonya says her dogs are Doberman Pinschers, but they don't look like the ones we have here. It's illegal to crop their ears and tails in Jer-man-ee. Mama was happy to hear that. She said she could never understand why it's done here when it isn't a medical necessity. I have to say I agree with that. No one had better ever try to cut my ears or my beautifully fluffy tail! I'd claw them HARD! But Mama would never let that happen. She loves me just the way I am way too much!

So we all liked Sonya and George a lot. They're only going to be here a little while longer, then they're going to Los An-jell-ez, then Ree-no to George's family reunion, then back to Jer-man-ee. Jer-man-ee sounds interesting. George said that when you move from one place to another, you have to move the kitchen too, that places don't come with kitchens. He said until twenty years ago, places didn't come with bathrooms either! That's pretty weird to us over here! Mama and Dad couldn't figure out how you would move a kitchen and bathroom! It sounded like an awful lot of trouble. But you have to have a kitchen; that's where all the goodies are kept! I'm not so sure a bathroom is really necessary, though. Why can't the furless do the same thing we do? Mama says it's not civilized. Yeah, whatever that means.

See ya later!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Snow, maybe??

It's raining today, so Dad had Mama look up the weather report for the day before he went to work, and guess what? We're supposed to get SNOW tonight! Yes, you heard right, southern Arizona is due for some snow! Okay, it's not much, most likely less than an inch, but it's still snow, and Mama has promised to let us play in it if it comes, especially since it will be gone by tomorrow. She says it snowed about a half inch last winter, just enough for Dad to make a few snowballs to throw at the house, and he brought snow in while Mama was cooking and put it down her shirt! Ha-roooooo, I wish I had seen that! That must have been hilarious! I bet Mama didn't like it much, though!

She has already got the video camera out and ready for if the snow comes, so she can make movies of us in it. I wonder if Dad will freeze another snowball this year? I wasn't here for the last one. I wonder if Arizona snow tastes different from Pennsylvania snow or New York snow? Or Nebraska snow? Holly and Khyra could tell me, I bet!

Well, mama asked me to put up this picture of Bandit and our biped sister. She says I've been hogging the blog. I don't see how I'm hogging it, since it's MY blog! But I'll humor her and post it anyway.


There. It's up. Okay, so it's a cute picture. So what? I'm not in it, so it isn't as cute as it could be, but it's okay. I guess. She wouldn't let me put up the video of us playing out in the yard, because when she made it, we had been out there for a few minutes, and she didn't rake up the inevitable results before making the video. That's not our fault, and I think she should let me put up the videos anyway, regardless of her embarrassment. Maybe it'll teach her to rake first, tape last! Ha-roooooo!

See ya's later!

Monday, February 11, 2008

And now the video camera!

Now Mama is making videos of us as well! Now that she has high-speed internet, she can upload this stuff, so we are all in trouble! So, here are the videos she did today. Hope you enjoy them!

Mama's Playing with the Scanner

Dad gave Mama a scanner that had been packed away, and she's making a digital photo album, just in case something ever happens to the photo albums. She started scanning all the photos yesterday, and she found a bunch of pictures of dogs and other pets she had before we came along, so I decided to give a nod to them by putting some of them up here. I'll start with the smallest first. That would be Brandy, Shai Alai, Alysheba, Blanca, and Azhrei, the ferret crew. I don't know why Mama would have ferrets, since they're stinky, but she did! I haven't found all of their pictures yet, but here's Brandy:


She's climbing up Mama's leg! The one behind her is Alysheba, but the next picture gets her a little better:

S & A

That's Alysheba, the white one, and Shai Alai. Mama says ferrets are actually lots of fun as pets. I think they look like good snacks, but that's just my opinion.

Now we go on to the more important ones: the dogs! First, this is Lir'reia and the pups she surprised Mama with. Mama got her name out of a book by a lady named Melanie Rawn about princes, princesses, and dragons. There was a dragon named Lir'reia in the book, who belonged to a blind princess, and the name means "The princess' eyes", but Mama just thought it was pretty. So, we have Lir'reia, with Smoky I tucked under her chin, then Bandit I with Hershey's Kisses on his back, Ewok looking at the camera, and behind her is Nocona, which is Comanche for Wanderer. He got his name by managing to get out of the puppy bed the day after he was born and wandering away to another area of the bedroom, making Mama tear apart the room until she found him sleeping under the bed!


Now, here's a picture of Bandit I, all grown up, with Mama! He looks like a Golden Retriever, but he was also half Chow Chow, and Mama was the only person he ever liked!

Bandit 1

And now, for the most important dogs of all: the Sibes! And no, I am not biased in their favor! First, this is Nhavari with Lir'reia, and Hershey hiding behind him. Look how big he is! He was four months old, and Hershey was two months old!

L and N

Now, here's his sister Nikita:


Aren't they beautiful? They paved the way for me and Lita, so I had to give them a nod. And here's a decent picture of Mama:

Me 3

And finally, a picture of Mama's mama with our bi-ped sister. This one was taken on Christmas Eve 2005, so it was Avi's first Christmas, and her Nana's last one before she crossed the Bridge. Mama said I could use it because Nana loved dogs, and would have loved us a lot! So, here it is:

N & A

Mama says Nana would have been proud to be mentioned on our blog. I think we would have loved her lots, too!

So, there you have it. Mama is a general animal nut, but now, since she has us, she won't have any of the smaller animals anymore. She says she's afraid we might eat them. Hmmm...have to think about that. Ferrets might taste good, but I don't know if I want to eat something stinky!


Saturday, February 9, 2008

We got tagged!

Not only did the lovely Holly tag us, but Thor is letting me do this blog myself, kind of as a welcome to the pack! Isn't that sweet of him?

So, Holly tagged us to reveal seven weird facts about ourselves. I'm gonna share this one with Thor, if no one minds!

1. I am fanatical about giving kisses! Nothing, and no one, gets away from The Tongue. My new mama has tried, and it has not worked.

2. I like my green bean-and-kibble diet, which is also thanks to Holly and her mama!

3. I talk all day long, whether anyone is listening or not, it doesn't matter to me!

4. When I want to come inside from the run, I woo at each window in order, until mama or dad opens the door.

5. I like to nip at my new sister Smoky, just because it annoys her and she won't nip back.

6. I can break through any barrier a human puts up against kisses, and contort myself into strange positions, just like a cat, in order to do it!

7. I like waking up my new bi-ped sister by lying in front of the bedroom door and wooing at her until she wakes up.

Now it's Thor's turn! But I'm going to paw them, because this blog is mine, and I don't know when he'll let me have one again!

1. He doesn't like to sleep on the bed unless mama is the only one in it.

2. He won't lower himself to eating ramen noodles, although the rest of us will! He knows that just because it smells like chicken, it doesn't mean it is chicken!

3. He likes waking mama up by collapsing on her really early in the morning.

4. He doesn't like the cold.

5. He doesn't like to give kisses all that often. How weird is that??

6. When he barks, he sounds like a yappitizer instead of a Sibe!

7. He only woos when he is roughhousing with mama, and no one else.


So, there's my first blog! I tag Meeshka, Steve and Kat, Thunder and Stormy, and Shelby and Maddox!
Woos until next time,

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A New Sibe-Sister

Mama and Dad got us a new sister yesterday! Her name is Lita, and she's five, so she's a little older than me, but that's okay. And she's really, really um...fluffy (Mama won't let me use the other word spelled F-A-T). And that's okay too, since she likes to roughhouse with me more than Smoky and Bandit do, and I'll run the weight off her!

She thinks I'm great, but she isn't so sure about Smoky and Bandit yet. Bandit only thinks about playing and food, so Lita is kinda okay with her, but boy, she really doesn't like Smoky! Mama's trying to figure out how to get them together without bloodshed. Smoky doesn't want to fight, and she's trying to be nice, but, well, Lita isn't ready to be friends just yet. So Mama puts me outside with Lita, which is fun, and keeps the girls in, and then switches us. After our biped sister goes to bed tonight, Mama and Dad are going to try again, without me and Bandit, which I think is pretty unfair! I should be there to supervise, don't you think? But mama thinks it would be better if no one is there but her, Dad, Smoky, and Lita. That way, if there's a fight, no one innocent would get hurt. I guess that's smart. So, anyway, Mama made a film of me and Lita and our biped sister today. Here it is:

So enjoy, till next time!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My turn!


It's my turn now! Shove over, Thor. Listen, everypup, Thor thinks he's the king of this house, and that there is no queen. Well, that's not true, no matter what he thinks! Men! I am the oldest dog in this house, since I'm four and he's three, and my sister and I have been here a lot longer than he has! Not only that, but Mama swears I'm the reincarnation of Smoky I, which would mean that I've been here for eight years. It also means that I'm very special to Mama, so there, Thor! Sheesh. Sometimes, you just have to put him in his place. Brothers can be so obnoxious sometimes. My sister Bandit doesn't have two brain cells to rub together, so she's completely oblivious to his obnoxious side. But I love them both anyway. I just can't figure out why!

Lab khisses,

We missed all the fun!

Summi's and Holly's mamas drove all over the world and got to meet Dave, Zim, Storm, and my sweet Amber, and they met Skylar and Thunder and Stormy in Colorado too! I would be jealous, but Summi and Holly didn't get to go on the road trip either. Now I really want our house to sell, so we can go on a big road trip too! Maybe I can get Mama to find all my friends so we can meet them on our way across the country! Wouldn't that be fun? I want to meet EVERYDOG! Of course, that means I would have to share introductions with Smoky and Bandit too, which I wouldn't like much, but I guess some sacrifices would have to be made. It would be hard, since I barely tolerate them sharing Mama with me. Mama should be paying attention to me only! Well, and the baby too, I guess. If she has to. I don't mind sharing Dad with them, much, but Mama is mine, and they can't seem to get that through their heads! You know what they told me? That they were here first, and therefore Mama is theirs, and they are being kind enough to share her with me!! Can you believe that? They aren't even Sibes! Well, actually, I'm not sure about that anymore. Smoky howls more now since she got spayed, and she actually sounds pretty musical! Dad says I taught her how, but I never howl! Wait--maybe they're the Sibes, and I'm not?! No, that can't be right. I'm confused now. I think I'll go take a nap and sort things out.


Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Good Day

We had a really good day today. Mama spent some time just lying on the floor with us. Not doing anything, just lying with us. Then she fell asleep on the floor with me for awhile, and when the baby woke up and mama went to cook dinner, she let us have the leftovers that Dad and Avi decided they didn't like. Of course, that meant we didn't get kibble tonight, but we didn't mind. Then she baked sugar cookies, and let each of us have one. We wanted more, but mama wasn't going for it. Oh, well, at least we got one each! So it was a nice quiet day. We didn't do much of anything, but it didn't matter!


Saturday, January 5, 2008

They're Baaa-aaack!

My sisters finally got their staples removed yesterday, and Smoky got her ears rechecked, which she isn't happy about. She has a chronic ear infection that seems to be really resistant to the antibiotics, so she has more antibiotics and an ear flush now, which makes her really unhappy. But the headgear is all gone now, so they can run and play with me again! But then I got really unhappy, because I forgot that now that everything is getting back to normal, I have to share mama's attention again! I don't like that, and I made sure they knew it! I pushed Smoky off mama's lap twice, and climbed on top of Bandit who was playing with mama on the floor, and knocked mama over by accident. Ooops! But she didn't mind and just laughed at me!


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year, everydog! I started out the new year with a bang, sort of! Since my sisters were spayed and now have staples in their bellies, at least for one more day, mama has been making them sleep in separate crates, which means that Smoky is using my crate temporarily. Which means that I get to roam the house at will. Well, since I was bored, and I didn't feel like chewing on the toys mama gave me, I decided that it would be fun to chew off the plug of the air conditioner that mama had borrowed over the summer. No, it wasn't plugged in! She kind of freaked out, and she and dad decided that if they weren't going to be home, they would put me in the bathroom while they were out. I fixed them good! The first time, I was a very good boy. I took mama's sweatshirt to lay on, but that was it. But the second time, ha! We had what dad calls a "microburst", which took off the door of the water heater closet outside, and smashed it into the bathroom window, which, of course, broke. Mama and dad took out the window and all the glass and cleaned up, and put in a board until they can go get a new window. They had to go out this morning, so they put me in the bathroom. I waited until they left, then carefully took apart their repair work and jumped out the window into the dog run! I got to hang out all by myself for a couple of hours. When they got home, dad came in first to let everydog outside, and I jumped him at the back door! So he went and told mama that I was already outside, and how I had gotten there. Mama freaked a bit, so I guess I won't be seeing much of the bathroom anymore. Success!!



Thought you could use a couple new pictures of my handsome self while I was at this blogging thing.

Woos until next time,