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HULA Certificate

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Early Morning Hunt

Thor's mama here. He has--grudgingly--allowed me to post this blog, although he will probably add his own words to it later.

We live in a manufactured home, which means that the dogs have long ago torn down the skirting at the back of the house so they can stare at the chipmunks and squirrels that constantly get under there. Well, lately there has been a pigeon, also known as a flying rat, living under there and driving the dogs insane, because, of course, they can't get to it.

Well, early Memorial Day morning, when I let the dogs into the yard to take care of business, the idiot bird, who has seen the dogs in the yard every morning, is in the yard, strolling around like it belongs there. The dogs did not take this invasion lightly, and Thor, my beautiful, gimpy-legged baby boy, proceeded to prove that a bum leg does not impede him in any way. The flying rat launched itself into the air, frantic to get away, getting about five feet up...and so did Thor. He snatched the bird out of the air...from above, even though he had been standing on the ground a second before. He caught both wings in his mouth and landed lightly on his feet. I have never seen him look so proud, with his head and tail both held high as he pranced across the yard. I hated to tell him to drop it, but, well, they're called flying rats for a reason! So he dropped it, and Smoky and Bandit converged from the left and right simultaneously, while LeeLee barked and jumped excitedly. Big three-way melee ensued, and when the dust settled, there was a dead pigeon without a mark on it, feathers everywhere, and three proud, successful hunters whose praises were being sung by the fourth!

Thor here now. Don't let Mama fool you. The only reason I dropped the stupid bird in the first place was because Mama was standing in the doorway in her pajamas, jumping up and down and screaming at me like an idiot. And LeeLee wasn't singing our praises, she was criticizing our techniques! Not that she did anything at all! And Mama, as much as we love her, wasn't smart enough to have a camera right by the back door to video our hunt! Humans!