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HULA Certificate

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Another Trip to the Vet!!

Mama had to take my sisters back to the veterinarian first thing this morning. Last night, Dad saw Bandit licking her incision, and when he checked it, it was starting to open. So Mama checked Smoky's and it was opening too, so they called the vet, who told them to just put my sisters in tee shirts to keep them from licking, which they hadn't been doing before. Mama and Dad were really mad! So Mama left me and Avi with Dad first thing, and loaded my sisters into the car with bandages wrapped around their bellies to keep them from licking.

She didn't even have to yell at them. Boy, were they sucking up, to hear her tell it! They were really pleasant about the whole thing. They took Smoky and Bandit in the back, put staples in their bellies (ouch!), finally put cones on their heads, gave Mama a prescription for both of them at no charge, and even gave her some of the toys they were selling--took them right off the shelf and pulled off the tags for her to take them home!

Since the girls got home this time, they've been really funny! They can't see very well with the cones on, so they've been beating up on Mama and Dad. Mama says she's going to be in the hospital soon, with circular stab wounds that will make the doctors wonder, because Smoky doesn't navigate very well with the cone on, but she has learned to use the cone to herd Mama in the direction she wants her to go! Bandit navigates better, but Mama and Dad have to keep getting them unstuck from different places.

I'm not allowed to play with them right now either, because Mama says I play too rough, and she doesn't want to take any chances. So I'm really, really bored, because I can't roughhouse with Avi either, because she's too small. But Mama makes special time to go out and roughhouse with me in the run, so that's okay.

Woos till next time,

Friday, December 21, 2007

A Sibernet Calendar!

Mama got an email from Dogster that said that because we were members, we could get a calendar from them and Shutterfly as a Christmas gift! We would have to make the calendar, though, and Mama got the bright idea to make one of all my Sibernet friends! So far, lots of 'em have sent us pictures. We've got the Ao4, Lakshmi, Ziggy and Marley, Khyra, Steve and Kat, Blaze, Holly, and, of course, me and my honorary Sibe sisters Smoky and Bandit. Summit's and Stormy's mamas said they're gonna send some too, and I hope we get some from Queen Natasha the Evil, Meeshka, the Hubley Hooligans, Kali...gee, I didn't realize how many friends I had! Efurrydog, send Mama pictures so we can make a really good calendar to share with efurryone! Thank Dog we can do it as a collage, so that we can actually fit everybody in!! And would you believe that Mama says she isn't going to let me put in more than one picture of myself?! She says I have to leave room for my friends, but I'm her Sibe, and she's always saying I'm the most beautiful Sibe in the world, so I should be able to put in more than one picture, shouldn't I? Oh, well, maybe I can sneak another one in later! So, remember: send lots of pictures!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Spayed, Finally!!

My sisters finally got spayed yesterday!!! Mama is thrilled, although the girls aren't. She's been trying FOREVER to get them done, but everytime she scheduled it, some emergency always got in the way. The other day she found a vet that could get them in in just a matter of days, and also told her about an organization called SNIP (Spay/Neuter Intervention Project) when they heard she was on disability, which was a great help since the car accident a couple of weeks ago has made so many financial problems while trying to fix the car! So I was an only dog yesterday while the girls were gone, which was really boring. Of course, until they heal, mama is keeping us separated because she says I'm really rambunctious, whatever that means! All I know is that means I can only play with Mama, Dad, and the baby for now. Oh, well. At least they came back home. I was really worried about that, and I moped around the house all day. I wouldn't let Dad touch me, and I wouldn't eat. Then they came home, and I started dancing all over the place!! But they were too busy crying because they hurt to play with me. Mama and Dad put them in the crates to protect them from me and the baby. Can you imagine that? I was sort of insulted about that, but then I realized that since Smoky is in my crate so that she and Bandit don't scratch each other's incisions by accident, that means that I am crate-free for a couple of days!! That means that Mama will have to be extra careful about food for awhile!


Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm back!

I'm back, sort of! The sale of the house isn't going well, so Mama is letting me blog again. She says it's just as well, since the snow is so bad in the direction we'd be going. I'm not sure how I feel about the snow anymore. When it's cold outside here, I don't want to be outside! I only go out because Mama says we can't use the bathroom in the house unless we learn how to use the thing the humans use--she calls it a toilet. Well, I'm not about to do that! So I go outside because she cruelly makes us, then we run back inside to curl up in front of the heater. Much nicer. Maybe I'd like the cold more if we actually got snow here. Cold without snow is pretty pointless. But even if I don't like the cold much, I'm still all Sibe in other areas! I'm starting to realize that I actually have a furever home, and Mama isn't going to throw me away when I do things she doesn't like. Actually, she gets mad at me sometimes, but I'm a really cute Sibe, so she can't stay mad, and she usually winds up laughing at me when I talk back to her, which makes me happy and I talk even more!

I didn't talk a lot when I first got here, but now I do! And I'm not really big on escapes, like my sisters are. They take off for a long time when they manage to get past Mama and Dad, but I stay home. Okay, at least I don't go far, and Mama always brings out our bi-ped sister when I do get out, because I always come home for her, but I like to tease Mama, because she looks so funny when she's yelling at me to get my "fuzzy tail back in the house!!" And I like to stand up on my back legs on her bed when she's standing next to it, because then I'm taller than she is and I can almost knock her over, which is lots of fun too. And now she needs to buy new sheets for the bed, because I clawed all of the sheets she had while doing zoomies, and they all have big rips in them. I thought they looked better that way, but she doesn't agree with me. I can't imagine why.

And guess what? Now that I really know I'm home, I finally started digging in the dog run! I put four craters back there in the last couple of days, and I got my sister Smoky to help me with the biggest one. When she digs, she can barely get the dirt out of the hole! But when I do it, dirt goes EVERYWHERE! And Smoky's really silly, because she'll stand right where all the dirt is flying and snap at it because it's hitting her in the face! DUH!

We're not done digging that crater yet. I wanna make it really big. Mama watched us digging that one today, and I knew she was there, but she didn't even yell at me! How khool is that?? Of course, there isn't any grass in there--this is Arizona, after all--so she can't really get mad at me for digging! But she says she's going to be very careful walking back there! So I'm letting all my Sibe traits show up a little at a time, just to test her, and so far, everything is really good! Mama really does love me! I'm so glad I came to Arizona, even though summer is really hot, but I love Mama. I'm gonna sign off now, 'cuz it's time to go climb on top of her and get my rubs and hugs. She gives me lots of hugs and kisses! Who knew I'd like that kind of stuff?

Till next time,