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HULA Certificate

Monday, August 31, 2009


This post is late, and it's Mama's fault! First of all, she forgot to keep me in the loop of important dates, and then she forgot to tell me what the date actually was, AND she forgot that her brother, Smoky, and Bandit all had a birthday on the 29th! Sheesh! At least she remembered her brother's birthday on the proper date, but she forgot my sisters altogether!

So, I am finally here to post a happy belated birthday to my Lab sisters, Smoky and Bandit, who turned six years old on 8/29/09! Smoky remains her dark chocolate self, but Bandit has begun to show her age in the grey hairs appearing on her chin. That's the only place, though: she is still our hyper, playful, puppy-brained sister!

In the interest of fairness and smoothing over any hurt feelings, I call on Mama to make reparation to us all for forgetting the girls' birthday by giving us extra livergreat tonight, and allowing us all to sleep wherever we like on the bed, no matter how uncomfortable it makes the humans! And, if Bandit wishes, she should be allowed to sleep in the little biped's room tonight, even if she keeps the little biped up playing all night. This point, however, is negotiable, although the rest are not!! A lesson must be taught, here!