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Monday, April 30, 2007

ASHRA: Arizona Siberian Husky Rescue and Adoption

Guess what Mom did! She emailed Arizona's Sibe rescue to see if she could volunteer for them! She told them that she would like to help in any way she could, including fostering whenever possible, though that part might not happen because our fence is a foot lower than they would really like. But somebody emailed her back! The lady said she would send Mom's phone number to the Tucson volunteers, and Mom might get to make home visits to make sure possible furever homes are good for homeless Sibes! Isn't that great? I hope she does get to foster, though. It would be nice to have another Sibe to play with! Not that my sisters aren't cool, but it would still be nice.

I wonder, though...Mom is dead set on leaving Arizona as soon as possible. But she says we may have to stay here until the house sells, and that might take awhile! She says that if we can sell this property, then we can all go to New York and rent a place while we look for a place to buy. That will be fun! Well, maybe not the renting part, but I liked some of the houses I saw while I was looking over Mom's shoulder. One place Mom really liked has 58 acres, and some of it was woods with a pond or a stream, I think, with deer! It was in a town called Chase Mills, up near the Canadian border and Lake Ontario! That would be a really, really nice place to run! I hope she figures out what we're doing soon, and I really hope this house can sell fast!! And in the meantime, we can help other Sibes. Maybe, if I'm really, really lucky, Mom will find another Sibe that can be another furever brother or sister. After all, Wolfie will be going back to his family when they move, and I'll be the only boy here. No, the cat doesn't count even though he's a boy. He's a cat, and an obnoxious one, so I don't acknowledge his existence.

Well, it's bedtime, so I've got to go. That means I can poke my nose into the baby's laundry and find crumbs of what she ate today!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Homeward bound to NY?

Mom started researching leaving Arizona today. She said she can't stand the heat here, and dog knows, I don't like it (although I'll tolerate almost anything just to have a good furever home!), and she was looking at places like Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Colorado...all cold places, YES!!! Well, she's from Long Island NY, and she really misses NY a lot. She hasn't been there in 11 years! So she went and looked at a real estate site in upstate NY, and found a whole bunch of nice houses with lots of land, and the monthly payments are less than she's paying now, so she's now crying, like an idiot. With joy, she says, because she can afford to go home. I've gotta say, this place must be really special if it makes Mom cry. I think I'd like to see this NY. None of my sisters have been there either, and they say they're interested in checking it out. I looked over Mom's shoulder while she was looking at houses, and there's all this green stuff on the ground that we don't have here, and really tall brown-and-green things called trees that are really pretty. The trees here are short and spread out a lot; they look more like really big bushes than trees. And they have stickers! Good thing my fuzz is so thick. I feel sorry for my sisters, but they've learned how to avoid the stickers. This New York might be cool!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mad at Mom!

She gave me a bath this afternoon!! Just me, no less! She told me all of my white fur was brown (okay, maybe it was), and that since it was so hot she was going to kill two birds with one stone. I didn't see her killing any birds, and I didn't see her with any stones, so I have no idea what she was talking about. Humans are weird.

Anyway, she said it would cool me off and get me clean at the same time. I didn't care about cooling off, I didn't want a bath! Rain is one thing, and mud, but baths are another story altogether! I can't avoid the rain, especially if I need to go potty, but baths can certainly be avoided! I made her pay for it too--she was soaked when she got through with me. I made sure to rub my wet fur all over her and splash all the water on her, and then when I got away at last, I shook all over her. Then went into the bedroom and shook again, so the bed was wet too! Mom was FREAKING OUT about the bed, yelling and hollering at me to get off and waving her arms at me. She looked really funny.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"GoodSearch" search engine

Mom found this on Sibernet and I was reading over her shoulder, so I decided it would be a great idea to put this on my blog! Probably all you Sibe bloggers already know about this, but maybe other dogs are reading this too that don't, so I'm gonna copy and paste this:

Hi, I know all of you love Siberians with all of your hearts....and you want to do whatever you can to help those in need, but you don't have that much time.....Well Great news....
Hi, I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a site called GoodSearch that is a search engine that donates to charities. Once an eligible charity is signed up, each time a person that lists that charity as its recipient conducts a search using GoodSearch, a penny is donated that charity.
Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue has been approved already.
What you can do to help raise money that will save a Siberian is.....
Simply go to this site:
and list Tails of the Tundra as your charity
Then, make GoodSearch your search engine either by listing it as your default homepage or saving it as a favorite and remember to use GoodSearch when searching.
Lastly, send this link to all your friends and furry friend lovers so they can help us add up pennies.
So far today I have raised .13 cents!!! If I continue at this rate for the rest of the year I will have raised $47.00......not bad for one person doing nothing extra!
Thank YOU in advance for your support!!!!

So, now it's up here for all the world to see! If you're a good dog, please tell your parents to check GoodSearch out! My mom did--I made sure of it! I wooed and barked until she did it! Now she won't use the other search engines because she wants to help Tails of the Tundra. AROOOOOOOOOO! I love my mom!

Commenting on blogs and update

Hey, everydog! I just wanted everyone to know--I want to comment on your blogs, but for some reason, maybe Mom's stupid dial up connection, I haven't been able to! So I'm reading them, I just can't comment on them. Stupid dial up. I asked Mom about getting broadband, but she said it isn't available out here yet. We're pretty rural, but you know that if you saw the picture of the road we live on. The only broadband out here is satellite internet, which Mom says costs a fortune and she can't justify it because the internet is a luxury, not a need. I don't know about her, but I certainly need it! But she just says if I need it so badly, I can pay for it. I don't have any money!! So I guess I'm not getting it until some other broadband comes out this way. Boy, that just raises my hackles.

I'm getting along better with Dad. His voice still scares me sometimes, but the others have convinced me to give him a chance. He treats me nice, and he pets good, but I still only own two humans: Mom and Avi. But since Dad lives here too, and I can't do anything about it, I guess I'll put up with him too.

Oh! Congrats, Malkin, on making it into HULA! I'll be sending my pictures to Meeshka later; it might help with my application!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Visit to a Restaurant

Yesterday we didn't do a long walk. Mom and Dad were out running errands too late, and it got dark. They took our human sister to a restaurant. Would you believe they let toddlers in, but not dogs? That's so unfair. We're MUCH cleaner than toddlers! Here's Avi waiting for Dad to give her some chocolate pudding:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
You should have seen how messy she was when they got home! Mom said Avi even painted the wall next to her with mashed potatoes, and that she cleaned her up in the bathroom before they came home. Howl! As messy as she was when she got home, if that was cleaned up, she was REALLY messy! We could have used her as a walking billboard for why dogs should be allowed in restaurants! Not only are we neater, the restaurants could save lots of money on vacuum cleaner bags, since we would clean up anything on the floor, and they wouldn't even have to pay us to do it! This job we'd do for free!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Mom's weight loss system

Mom decided that walking me would be her new weight loss system. She thinks she's gonna manage to wear me out. So far it hasn't worked, BOL! Today she walked me even further than yesterday and I still wasn't tired! But it was fun anyway!
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This is Curry, my walking buddy. She lives next door to us. Her humans have a fence around their property and would prefer for Curry to stay home, but it's not a fence made to keep dogs in, so she pretty much does what she wants. So when we go walking, she meets us at the end of her driveway and goes with us! She's a nice girl. My sisters say she has been visiting Avi since they bought the house. That's cool!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
We live WAY down at the end of this road! Mom took this on our way back today. It was really overcast, so it was nice and cool. And really windy! Curry and I had a lot of fun. I wish Mom would let me roam off leash like Curry does, but somehow I don't think that's gonna happen! And here's me on my walk:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
It's kind of blurry. Mom had the wrong focus on again. Oh, well. She's talking about getting a bike with a baby seat on the back and one of those contraptions on the side to hook a dog to. That would be fun! Then I could run! Hey, I made a rhyme!

We met a whole bunch of neighbors on our way home today! First we saw Micki with her daughter and her mate in the car, who live next door to us, then we saw Billy, who lives across from us, then we saw Curry's mom Marie, and Curry left us then to run home next to her mom's car, and then we saw Micki's roommate Dieter, and then we saw Joe and Stephanie, who live across from Billy. Everybody stopped to say how beautiful I was! Well, DUH! I'm a Sibe; of course I'm beautiful! But it was nice to hear it anyway. Well, I'd better take off for now--I hear Mom coming!


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Mom took me on a really long walk yesterday. She said she was trying to wear me out, but I think she wore herself out first, BOL! She put Avi in the stroller and loaded the stroller down with drinks for all of us, and we went walking around the neighborhood for two hours. She wouldn't let me off the dirt road though. She's worried about the possible rattlesnakes in the brush. Rattlesnakes are crazy! The diamondbacks will just give you a warning and leave you alone if you leave them alone, but the Mojaves are just NUTS! They actually chase you! So Mom kept me on the road where you could see if anything was there. We stopped and visited another small person for a little while, so Avi could get out of the stroller and play for awhile. His name is Aidan. He's older than Avi by a couple of months, but he's a lot smaller than she is! I guess he was the runt of the litter?? Do humans even have litters? Who knows?

Aidan's dad and grandad had gone catfishing. I wanted to get closer to the fish, but Mom was totally creepified. The fish were still alive and gasping and thrashing in the net. Mom thought it was gross. I thought it was cool! And they looked pretty tasty!

Well, then we headed home, and I was not even tired! Mom was, though. We walked a really long way--for her, apparently--and she was limping when we got home. Mom has a bad leg too! I didn't know that before, but I knew she was tired because I limp on my bad leg when I'm tired. When we got in the house, she let the other dogs out of their crates to go out back and do their business, and I went out with them...under supervision, of course. I shocked Mom by going out there and doing zoomies with the others. She actually thought I would be tired! Ha! Not this Sibe!

Oh, and this morning, Mom got some pictures of today's misdeeds by me. I chewed the corner off of something she calls a potholder. She had four of them left intact, and I've gotten three of the four--yay, me! So she took a picture of the chewed one. Then I did zoomies while she and the baby were in the living room. Mom had made up the bed really nice, which she tries to do every day. This time, I messed up the bed and clawed up the sheet over the mattress. Mom just sighed and took a picture of the bed. I told her I needed the pictures for evidence. Actually, I do--Meeshka might want more pictures of my Sibe behavior before allowing me to join HULA. I only sent one picture with my application. I can't wait to hear from her!

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Thursday, April 19, 2007


I applied for membership in HULA a little while ago. I sent a pawmail to Meeshka with all my qualifications and a picture. I was supposed to send pictures of all my "misdeeds", but, hey, I know what the camera looks like, and I make sure Mom doesn't actually catch me while she has it. I don't want her to have proof! Besides, I'm too fast for her! Ha ha!

I'm pretty qualified, too! Remember, I'm a good Sibe! That does NOT mean "good" the way Mom means it, though! I have to keep her on her toes, can't have her getting too comfortable!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Twice in one day!

I escaped again today! This time I did it right in front of Mom--big mistake! She put up a temporary fix to block me, but she's been asking around about hotwire now. Uh-oh. I don't think she liked chasing me over twenty acres today!

Blog Discovery

Okay, everydog. I have been reading tons of blogs in the webring, and I haven't gotten through all of the blogsites yet. This is not working for me. I find that I like almost all of the blogs being written, but I am so busy all day, between napping, eating, blogging and finding more ways to drive mom crazy, that it is impossible to read them all! So, I am going to read a couple of blogs each day, then I'll read somedog else's the next day, and so on until I've read them all. All the ones I like I put as links on my homepage already. The ones that aren't there I haven't read yet! But please be patient with me, I will read them all eventually, and put the links in for those humans or dogs that are too dim to click on the links in the Husky Bloggers logo (that would be my sister Bandit, by the way. No patience at all for learning new things.).

I escaped again!

I got out of the yard again today! Yes! But Mom was in the laundry room, which is right above where I push down the skirting to get under the house, so she busted me pretty quick. Of course, I didn't come when she called me--where's the fun in that? I made her chase me all over our property and the neighbor's property. That was fun, except Mom stayed in between me and the spot where the chickens live at the neighbor's. Darn it! I was in the mood for chicken, too! Then the neighbor lady came outside and tried to lure me to her with something I thought was food. I wouldn't come to her, but she threw the food-thing to Mom, and I went to her and she caught my collar and put the leash on me. Darn, again! And darn, a third time--the food-thing was just a pine cone! Mom was mad at me for escaping, of course, and put me in my crate for a little while. She thinks I don't like my crate, because I put up a big fuss about going in it all the time, so that's where she sends me for time out now. I just take a nap while I'm in there, BOL! I fooled her! I think she was more mad at herself for my escape this time, because I didn't stop to do my business first, I just went straight under the house and out of the yard. I have a feeling that she's going to be fixing the spot I use now that she knows where it is!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sleepy-time pic

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I saw everydog posting sleepy pictures, so I thought I would post my own! Mom says I look like I'm imitating a bearskin rug, and she likes to use me as a pillow when I do this. She says I look really cuddly and soft when I flop on my belly. that I see the picture, maybe she's right! But don't tell her I said so. I can't have her thinking she's right about things!


We were all bad dogs today. Yes, even me, except we didn't know at first. Well, we did, but we didn't. We did zoomies again, only this time we were wrestling over a stuffed teddy bear. Mom didn't see it until we got done with it, and she was really upset about it, because we shredded it pretty good. She crated us for an hour and cleaned it up. It was all over the playroom! We heard her talking on the phone later, telling her friend that it was a bear she gave her mom about an hour before she died. Oops. We didn't know. I never even met Grandma. The girls did, though. They say Grandma really liked dogs. Mom says that Grandma would have loved how beautiful I am, and then she would have loved me because I'm just loveable.

I feel a little bad about killing the teddy bear now. Mom keeps telling us not to kill them, but Avi keeps giving them to us. Isn't that why she gives them to us? I'm confused. Maybe that's why Mom doesn't get us stuffed toys anymore. I thought she was just lazy about cleaning up all the stuffing!


I've discovered a new fun thing to do!! Zoomies! Zoomies are when I run at top speed from one end of the house to the other, and everydog chases after me! LOTS of fun! I run all the way to Mom's bedroom, jump on the bed, wait for the others to catch up because I'm too fast for them, then I run back to the other end of the house and jump on the sofa with as much noise as I can make and do it again! And the whole time we're barking and growling at each other! It's GREAT!! Mom won't let me do it when the baby's around though, 'cuz we might knock her over, but that's okay. She lets me do it when she first puts Avi down for her nap, since Avi won't go to sleep right away anyway. Today I zoomed through the house for a whole HOUR before I got tired and had to take a nap on my couch. Mom thought it was pretty funny, too, and she also thinks it's funny that I never stay in one place for a nap. I start on the couch--or the bed--then I move to the floor, then back to the couch, then back to the floor. Well, it makes sense to me! Sometimes the floor is cooler than the bed! My sisters all stay in one place though. If they get to the couch before me, all three of them go to sleep and stay right on the couch. Then I don't like it, because I don't get to sleep on the couch. At least on the bed there's room for all of us, even if Mom is there too!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mom's Camera

Mom has started keeping the camera on hand at all times. I'm not sure if I like that or not. She's taken lots of pictures of us in the last couple of days and then plays on the computer, fixing the pictures up and stuff like that. Maybe I do like it. It means that there are good pictures there if I want to post them here. And I can post them on Dogster too. Mom did a video of us today. We were in the backyard having a really big wrestling match. That was fun! Maybe I can sneak the camera away from her again....

Friday, April 13, 2007

Why won't they do anything?

This isn't fair. I finally get a blogsite all to myself, and the girls won't do anything I can blog about! Any other time, they'd be getting into trouble constantly, but now that I have somewhere that I can tell on them, they won't do anything wrong! Not even my friend Wolfie, who's staying with us while his family is househunting. I wonder if someone told them about the site...maybe the cat said something to them? No, that doesn't make sense. He wouldn't lift a paw to help a dog out. And I don't think Mom knows about the site yet....hmm, a mystery! I must find out why my sisters are suddenly behaving so well.

Well, I can tell you some other things they've done, anyway! Bandit and Cheyenne might be behaving now, but they sure weren't last week! First, Bandit ripped out the screen in the front door so she and Cheyenne could escape. They took off for hours! At least when I escaped, I stayed where Mom could see me, but not those two! So Mom tried to repair the screen, and when she had the front door open, she started putting the baby gate in front of the screen so they couldn't do it again. Boy, was she wrong about that! This time, Bandit managed to shove the baby gate through the screen door, taking the screen out again too. And again, she and Cheyenne were gone! I guess it's a good thing we live in a rural area. Not so many neighbors to put on the lookout!

This time Dad fixed the screen door. Originally, the glass went in the top part of the door, and the screen on the bottom. Dad put the glass in the bottom part, and took the screen out altogether. That ended that, or so they thought. Then Bandit discovered there were screens in the windows too! So she popped the screen out of a window, and she and Cheyenne escaped that way! They did this three days in a row, so Mom doesn't leave the windows open anymore. Those girls are a handful! I told you I was a good dog! Compared to them, I'm an angel!

Smoky says I'm lying. Can you believe that? Just because I learned how to open the toaster oven--after it cooled off, of course--and stole Dad's dinner. And yes, I did eat a couple of bags of hot dog and hamburger buns, but they were getting stale and Mom was going to throw them out anyway! So I was actually doing her a favor, and that's being a good dog, right? Right! See you later!

More family pics!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Mom caught me!

I finally got hold of Mom's camera so I could upload this picture. It might be kind of blurry, 'cuz the camera isn't the best, but you get the idea. Mom had cooked dinner and was busy with the baby, so I figured I would check out what was left while I had the chance before she washed dishes. But she had the camera ready and waiting because she says she knew what I would do! So she caught me this time. I'll have to be more careful in the future!

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fence jumping

Guess what? I jumped the back fence today! Dad let all us dogs outside when Mom and Avi took the garbage out to the dump, and I jumped right over the fence! I didn't go very far. I was still in the front yard when Mom drove up, and she panicked! She was calling and calling me, and tried to get me to come even to the baby, but I wouldn't come. I was having too much fun! She finally caught me when I went to the neighbor's house. They have chickens! And they looked really tasty. That's how Mom caught me; I was too busy trying to find a way into the chicken coop to pay attention to her or the leash she was carrying. Oh, well. And now she won't let us out unsupervised. Can you believe that?? So after she brought me back in the house, every time she let us outside to do our business, she sat in the door and watched! Not cool. How am I going to escape again if she keeps watching me? I'm a Sibe, I'll find a way!

Kossok's Shadow Dancer/Uillean

Kossok's Shadow Dancer crossed the Bridge the other day. We never met her except by Mom reading about her in a Sibe discussion list, but we've seen her Dogster page, and we thought she was as beautiful as me. Mom said she had cancer for awhile, and that her mom and dad took her to the vet to help her cross the Bridge. And a puppy, Uillean, in another family crossed too, on the same day. Mom says that Uillean was sick for awhile too. I wanted to tell their families that I am really sad for them, and that me and all my sisters, being dogs, already know that they are okay and waiting on the other side of the Bridge for their families to get there. They know that they will never be forgotten, and they want their families to know that they won't be forgotten either. And my family sends lots of woo-woos to them along with Mom's condolences.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Making mischief!

Today I tried to get the cat! Gizmo was lying on top of the washing machine, just looking really self-important and obnoxious, so I tried to climb on top of the washer to get him. I would have made it, too, but Mom got in the way. On purpose! And she actually was upset with me! Can you imagine that? I didn't really want to hurt him...much. He's so mean! He doesn't like any of us, and sometimes he claws at our noses for no reason. Mom just tries to keep us separated because she loves him too. YECCCCHHH! How can she love a cat? I mean, she's got me, and my sisters, and my human sister. They may not be Sibes, but they're better than a cat. I can at least understand her loving them, but Gizmo doesn't like the humans either. He doesn't pay any attention to them unless he's out of food or water, or if they forgot to clean his litter box. And why won't Mom let us anywhere near the litter box? How mean is that?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My very first blog!

Lessons I Have Taught My Human

1. "Woolly undercoat" doesn't begin to describe it.

2. The Lord and Lady (or God, or Buddha, or Odin, or Allah) are to be thanked for not letting Mom throw out those "useless" grooming tools the girls never let her use on them.

3. Butter is a food group all its own. How could she not know that already?

4. Patience is a virtue (mine).

5. Countersurfing is a sport.

6. Rescuing me rescues Mom, too.

7. Patience is a miracle (hers). Although she sees it differently.

8. Hiding things from me is nearly impossible.

9. Mom really does need a king-sized bed.

10. Even a reasonably intelligent biped can be made to look like an idiot by a reasonably intelligent quadruped. Namely, us!

11. The words "toddler", "Sibe", and "grooming" do not, at any time, belong in the same sentence. Actually, "grooming" doesn't belong in ANY sentence!

12. The words "toddler" and "Sibe" in the same sentence mean that somewhere nearby, there is a large mess to clean up. For Mom, that is. I don't have thumbs!

13. They also mean that the toddler is giggling uncontrollably, which Mom thinks is one of the most precious sounds in the universe. Personally, I think my voice is the most precious sound in the universe.

14. Yes, I really am laughing at you. Humans are funny!

15. A black and white blanket on your bed enables your black and white Sibe to camouflage himself and scare the living hell out of you merely by twitching a muscle. I've done it, so I know it works. Just make sure the light in the room is dim enough! Otherwise, your mom will see you.

16. Just because they're your legs, it doesn't mean it's your lap. It's my lap, because I'm cute and cuddly. You love it, and you know it.

17. By the same token, just because you bought the bed with your money, it doesn't mean it's your bed. I'll allow you some space on it though.

18. Selective hearing is not only a human talent. Actually, it isn't selective. I didn't hear you. Honest.

19. You're as innocent as you look, regardless of the havoc in your immediate orbit. Don't you believe me?

20. See number 14. That one's worth repeating.