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HULA Certificate

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I escaped again!

I got out of the yard again today! Yes! But Mom was in the laundry room, which is right above where I push down the skirting to get under the house, so she busted me pretty quick. Of course, I didn't come when she called me--where's the fun in that? I made her chase me all over our property and the neighbor's property. That was fun, except Mom stayed in between me and the spot where the chickens live at the neighbor's. Darn it! I was in the mood for chicken, too! Then the neighbor lady came outside and tried to lure me to her with something I thought was food. I wouldn't come to her, but she threw the food-thing to Mom, and I went to her and she caught my collar and put the leash on me. Darn, again! And darn, a third time--the food-thing was just a pine cone! Mom was mad at me for escaping, of course, and put me in my crate for a little while. She thinks I don't like my crate, because I put up a big fuss about going in it all the time, so that's where she sends me for time out now. I just take a nap while I'm in there, BOL! I fooled her! I think she was more mad at herself for my escape this time, because I didn't stop to do my business first, I just went straight under the house and out of the yard. I have a feeling that she's going to be fixing the spot I use now that she knows where it is!

1 woos:

Khady Lynn said...

Maybe she could hook you up to a tie out cable (petsmart sells them) that way you will be safe and not escape!!! I would hate for you to leave us and never be found again, or worse - the unspeakable "D" word!