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HULA Certification

HULA Certificate

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Making mischief!

Today I tried to get the cat! Gizmo was lying on top of the washing machine, just looking really self-important and obnoxious, so I tried to climb on top of the washer to get him. I would have made it, too, but Mom got in the way. On purpose! And she actually was upset with me! Can you imagine that? I didn't really want to hurt him...much. He's so mean! He doesn't like any of us, and sometimes he claws at our noses for no reason. Mom just tries to keep us separated because she loves him too. YECCCCHHH! How can she love a cat? I mean, she's got me, and my sisters, and my human sister. They may not be Sibes, but they're better than a cat. I can at least understand her loving them, but Gizmo doesn't like the humans either. He doesn't pay any attention to them unless he's out of food or water, or if they forgot to clean his litter box. And why won't Mom let us anywhere near the litter box? How mean is that?

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