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HULA Certification

HULA Certificate

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fence jumping

Guess what? I jumped the back fence today! Dad let all us dogs outside when Mom and Avi took the garbage out to the dump, and I jumped right over the fence! I didn't go very far. I was still in the front yard when Mom drove up, and she panicked! She was calling and calling me, and tried to get me to come even to the baby, but I wouldn't come. I was having too much fun! She finally caught me when I went to the neighbor's house. They have chickens! And they looked really tasty. That's how Mom caught me; I was too busy trying to find a way into the chicken coop to pay attention to her or the leash she was carrying. Oh, well. And now she won't let us out unsupervised. Can you believe that?? So after she brought me back in the house, every time she let us outside to do our business, she sat in the door and watched! Not cool. How am I going to escape again if she keeps watching me? I'm a Sibe, I'll find a way!

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