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HULA Certificate

Friday, April 27, 2007

Homeward bound to NY?

Mom started researching leaving Arizona today. She said she can't stand the heat here, and dog knows, I don't like it (although I'll tolerate almost anything just to have a good furever home!), and she was looking at places like Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Colorado...all cold places, YES!!! Well, she's from Long Island NY, and she really misses NY a lot. She hasn't been there in 11 years! So she went and looked at a real estate site in upstate NY, and found a whole bunch of nice houses with lots of land, and the monthly payments are less than she's paying now, so she's now crying, like an idiot. With joy, she says, because she can afford to go home. I've gotta say, this place must be really special if it makes Mom cry. I think I'd like to see this NY. None of my sisters have been there either, and they say they're interested in checking it out. I looked over Mom's shoulder while she was looking at houses, and there's all this green stuff on the ground that we don't have here, and really tall brown-and-green things called trees that are really pretty. The trees here are short and spread out a lot; they look more like really big bushes than trees. And they have stickers! Good thing my fuzz is so thick. I feel sorry for my sisters, but they've learned how to avoid the stickers. This New York might be cool!

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Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

That would be a long car ride for you from Arizona to New York! But if you get some snow, it's probably worth it.