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HULA Certificate

Friday, April 13, 2007

Why won't they do anything?

This isn't fair. I finally get a blogsite all to myself, and the girls won't do anything I can blog about! Any other time, they'd be getting into trouble constantly, but now that I have somewhere that I can tell on them, they won't do anything wrong! Not even my friend Wolfie, who's staying with us while his family is househunting. I wonder if someone told them about the site...maybe the cat said something to them? No, that doesn't make sense. He wouldn't lift a paw to help a dog out. And I don't think Mom knows about the site yet....hmm, a mystery! I must find out why my sisters are suddenly behaving so well.

Well, I can tell you some other things they've done, anyway! Bandit and Cheyenne might be behaving now, but they sure weren't last week! First, Bandit ripped out the screen in the front door so she and Cheyenne could escape. They took off for hours! At least when I escaped, I stayed where Mom could see me, but not those two! So Mom tried to repair the screen, and when she had the front door open, she started putting the baby gate in front of the screen so they couldn't do it again. Boy, was she wrong about that! This time, Bandit managed to shove the baby gate through the screen door, taking the screen out again too. And again, she and Cheyenne were gone! I guess it's a good thing we live in a rural area. Not so many neighbors to put on the lookout!

This time Dad fixed the screen door. Originally, the glass went in the top part of the door, and the screen on the bottom. Dad put the glass in the bottom part, and took the screen out altogether. That ended that, or so they thought. Then Bandit discovered there were screens in the windows too! So she popped the screen out of a window, and she and Cheyenne escaped that way! They did this three days in a row, so Mom doesn't leave the windows open anymore. Those girls are a handful! I told you I was a good dog! Compared to them, I'm an angel!

Smoky says I'm lying. Can you believe that? Just because I learned how to open the toaster oven--after it cooled off, of course--and stole Dad's dinner. And yes, I did eat a couple of bags of hot dog and hamburger buns, but they were getting stale and Mom was going to throw them out anyway! So I was actually doing her a favor, and that's being a good dog, right? Right! See you later!

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