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HULA Certificate

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


We were all bad dogs today. Yes, even me, except we didn't know at first. Well, we did, but we didn't. We did zoomies again, only this time we were wrestling over a stuffed teddy bear. Mom didn't see it until we got done with it, and she was really upset about it, because we shredded it pretty good. She crated us for an hour and cleaned it up. It was all over the playroom! We heard her talking on the phone later, telling her friend that it was a bear she gave her mom about an hour before she died. Oops. We didn't know. I never even met Grandma. The girls did, though. They say Grandma really liked dogs. Mom says that Grandma would have loved how beautiful I am, and then she would have loved me because I'm just loveable.

I feel a little bad about killing the teddy bear now. Mom keeps telling us not to kill them, but Avi keeps giving them to us. Isn't that why she gives them to us? I'm confused. Maybe that's why Mom doesn't get us stuffed toys anymore. I thought she was just lazy about cleaning up all the stuffing!

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Khady Lynn said...

How unfortunate you killed one that had some sentimental value. However, you are correct, stuffies are for killing and destuffing! We always get "monitored" when playing with our stuffies so we don't kill them. If we start to concentrate on the stitching and picking at one particular spot, they get taken away and put up so we can't get at them. Humans are so mean!