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HULA Certificate

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Catching Up

I didn't realize how long it had been since Mama last let me use the computer! I'm going to have to nag her a bit more often about letting me keep up my blog! She updated hers TWICE yesterday, after all!

I guess the biggest piece of news I have is that Lita has left the family, for those who didn't know. She never wanted to fit in with the rest of us, and she wanted to be alpha so badly that she endangered the small biped. I don't do that! I may chew on Mama and Dad when we're playing, but I never use my teeth when the little biped is around, and neither do Smoky and Bandit! But LeeLee did, and so Mama didn't have a choice. LeeLee went to the shelter a bit over a month ago, and Mama cried a lot after she left. The house is a lot quieter now, but no one is ready to bring another dog home yet. Mama and the little biped are still missing LeeLee too much.

That's the only sad news though. Now we have the stupid news: Mama came up with new names for us dogs. Why can't she just call us dogs? No, now she calls us "furbles" instead of "furballs", which was bad enough! And "fuzzlebutt"! What the heck is a fuzzlebutt? Where does she come up with these things?! Can't she come up with something with a little dignity to it? Helloooooo!

Summer weather is already setting in here, or at least what Mama and I call summer weather! The people and pups native to Arizona call it spring weather, but 90 and 100 degree temperatures are summer temperatures where we come from!! So we are spending less time outside now because it's too hot. But Mama keeps the air conditioner on in the living room all day, so that's okay. I get to lie around on the human sofa instead. Yes, we have a human sofa and a dog sofa in the living room, and no dogs are supposed to be on the human sofa. That was the rule Dad set. But I'm so cute, even Dad lets me get away with pretty much anything except countersurfing. Smoky and Bandit have lived with Mama and Dad for nearly six years, and they don't get away with the amount of stuff I do! Harooooooooooooo! On the other hand, they sleep on the bed with Mama and Dad all the time, and I don't. Not that I'm not allowed to, I just don't choose to!

The little biped is getting more fun as she gets older, and we make Mama do a lot of screaming at us to calm down! BOL! Like that's gonna happen! It's too much fun to make her yell at us! But she did find something to make us calm down somewhat. It's this computer radio called Pandora, and when we get way out of hand (according to her, anyway), or when she's doing beadwork, Mama puts on this station of something she calls Celtic music. Even I can't help but slow down when it's on. I can't help it. It's soft and slow and boooooorrrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnnnng! It makes me go to sleep, but Mama loves it and stays awake. I just don't get it. Humans are just weird.

Well, I'm gonna go outside and steal the tennis ball from Smoky for a little while now that it's cooling off. I promise to try and get the computer from Mama again soon! Later!