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HULA Certification

HULA Certificate

Monday, March 31, 2008

Questions for our President to Be

Running for Presidential election this year is our very own Turbo, whose campaign manager is my honorary sister Khyra. Recently, it has come to my attention that nodoggy has made an attempt to interview our prestigious presidential candidate! Unbelievable!

So, to rectify the situation, I have come up with several questions to ask Mr. Turbo, so that the humans are very well aware of his campaign platforms.

1. Turbo, will there be an anti-plucking law passed if you are elected? Many pups, during coat blowing season, are followed about by their humans, who constantly pluck at loose tufts of fur. This is quite irritating to many of your constituents.

2. Livergreat. The humans need to know, in no uncertain terms, your stand on livergreat. Are you for or against?

3. Do you support the notion that if a human gives a dog a bath, the dog has the right to return the favor and bathe the human?

4. How do you feel about the segregation between dogs and cats? Should they be forcibly integrated, and if so, why?

5. Cuz toys. Should we all have them? Why or why not?

6. Queen and king-sized beds. Is there a law requiring us to share these things with the humans?

These are a few of the questions the world would love answers to. I will post more questions throughout the course of the campaign.



Mama and I had our birthday this past Friday! I turned four, and Mama says she had the 19th annifursary of her 21st birthday. That sounds like 40 to me, but what do I know? Mama bought livergreat for us dogs, and Dad took her and Avi to a restaurant to eat, so Mama wouldn't have to cook. And look what he bought for her! It's a drum! Mama doesn't play it, though, and she wouldn't even let us sniff at it! She put it on a hook on the ceiling where no one but she or Dad can get to it! How mean! But that's okay, because Mama did something really silly today! She was baking cookies with the little biped, and she burned a batch of them. She threw them away in a bag she had hanging from the cabinet door and forgot they were there! Well, I didn't forget!! They were delicious! Sour cream cookies! Yum! Mama came into the kitchen right after I finished the last one, so all she saw me doing was licking my chops! Ha roo! And no, I didn't share a single bite with any of my sisters!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

LeeLee update

Well, my Sibe-sister has been here for nearly two months now, and aside from one fight, we have all been doing pretty well with her and vice versa. She still growls a bit occasionally, and gives Smoky and Bandit the hairy eyeball, but she hasn't actually started any more fights. Of course, Mama and Dad keep a pretty close eye on her since the last one!
It looks like her diet is paying off too! Princess Holly's mama told our mama that Holly was on a diet of kibble and green beans, so Mama decided to try that with LeeLee. It seems to be working! When she went to the vet (after the fight), LeeLee weighed seventy two pounds. Mama says she's going to take her in to be weighed again, because she looks a bit thinner than she was.
LeeLee still isn't allowed to sleep in the bedroom with the rest of us, because she likes to woo at the small biped until she wakes up, chews everything she can get her teeth into, and doesn't let Mama and Dad go to sleep. She kisses them awake every time they doze off! They keep trying though, and Dad says she'll eventually figure out that she's home for good, just like I did, and she'll relax. I don't know...if she relaxes, that means she'll get to sleep in the bedroom too, and I don't think I like that idea. She likes to lie on top of Mama, and that's MY spot! Nobody gets to lie on Mama but me! Even if I choose to sleep on the floor, no one else gets to lie on Mama. LeeLee tried last night, and I pushed her all the way down to Mama's feet and took my spot back, and put my head under Mama's chin, which she thought was really sweet. I wasn't trying to be sweet, I was marking my territory!! Ha roo roo roo!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter, Everypup!

Today is Easter Sunday, the day the Easter Beagle arrives, bringing candy and treats to all children, whether they have fur or not! We've been looking for him, but he hasn't gotten here yet. Mama says that houses that only have children only get an Easter bunny, but houses where there are furkids and furless biped kids get the Easter beagle, which I think is way better! Here's what he looks like:


So if you see him, be sure to let us know where he is, so we can figure out how soon he'll be here at our house!

While we're waiting for him, Mama subjected me to a grooming session! I was not happy, but I submitted with grace...this time! It's getting hot out in Arizona at this time of year, so getting rid of all that loose fur was kind of a good thing. Mama's going to get Smoky next, and maybe Bandit too. She had to have Dad put LeeLee in the crate while she groomed me, because LeeLee was eating the pile of fur! YUCK!

Since there was discussion of coat blowing among the Sibe-slaves on SMS, as well as some pictures, Mama decided to join the fray. So here are some pictures:

As you can see here, I am very unhappy with the situation.

Disgusted dog

And here are some pictures of all the fur Mama got from me before her arms got tired. She gave up before I was fully groomed, with a threat to finish the process later!

Another dog!

Half-groomed woolly and pile of fur

The Easter Beagle better bring me a whole roll of livergreat just for me because I was so good for this! Even the little biped helped Mama! She got the pin brush and brushed me for awhile. Mama had to show her how, but she really wanted to help, so she's learning. The things a Sibe has to put up with sometimes!



Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Missing you, Sasha

Yesterday, we lost a good friend named Sasha. She was her mama's first Siberian, and her mama was with her to the very end, letting her know how very much she was loved. We couldn't all be there with her, though we would have been if we could have. To her mama and dad: you did the best thing for her that you could do, and that was to let her go without suffering. She will wait for you and watch over you from the Rainbow Bridge, and she will love you always, just as you loved her. She is young again, and wearing her silver harness with pride.

Sasha, we will miss you very much until we see you again.

Sasha RIP March 18, 2008

It's Plucking Season!

No, it isn't me, and it isn't LeeLee either! It's Smoky and Bandit! Mama says they both look like moths have been at them. Well, I would have to agree with her there. I have to find Mama's camera so I can take pictures to make fun of them. Mama has been following them around the house, plucking out the tufts of fur on Smoky's rear end. Smoky has taken to running from Mama, but Mama just waits till she catches her asleep and plucks away until Smoky wakes up. It's very sad and pathetic. I have a feeling that when LeeLee and I blow our coats, Mama's going to have a pluckfest. Tubey or Meeshka should pass a law that plucking is illegal!

Mama made a big mistake with them tonight, too: she decided to use the shedding blade on Bandit in the living room! On the white carpet! Ha roo roo roo! You should have seen the mess! Mama was covered in Bandit's fur, and the white carpet was black! She looked so funny! I wish I knew where the camera was so I could have taken a picture of it! And what made it worse is that the Hoover doesn't do a good job of picking up the fur, so Mama had to pick it out of the carpet by hand! I bet she doesn't make that mistake again! Bandit didn't like being groomed, so she got her revenge without doing a single thing! Way to go, sis!

Woos until next time,

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Of Annifursaries and Veterinarians

Yesterday was my Gotcha Day! I've been with Mama for a whole year, and she hasn't dumped me or hurt me at all, even when She still loves me! Dad does too, and so does Avi, but Mama's my favorite, and I'm hers! I got to play all day yesterday, and to sleep on the bed whenever I wanted, and I even got a special dinner! Well, everydog got the special dinner, but they got it because of me! Mama made something called albondigas, a Mexican meatball soup. It's got rice and meatballs and broth. It's supposed to be soup, but for some reason, Mama's always comes out like a stew, really thick and filling. No kibble last night, just meatball stew. YUM! But I didn't get to sleep in the bedroom last night. We all slept in our crates. Mama and Dad said we were too wild last night. Can you believe that? Just because we woke Avi up a couple of times!

LeeLee was the one who had the big adventure, though. We all had a fight on Friday, and when Mama came out to break it up, Smoky, Bandit, and I had LeeLee down and we were playing tug-of-war with her. Mama wasn't happy with any of us! She threw a bucket at us to break up the fight, and LeeLee ran away. Bandit had put some holes in her butt, and Mama didn't find them till the next day. She made Dad take her to the pharmacy to buy Betadyne to clean them with, but they got infected anyway, so this morning LeeLee and Mama went to the vet.

Boy, was Mama mad at that vet! She hurt LeeLee with needles and pulled the scab off of one of the wounds, and then was surprised when LeeLee yelped and snapped her head around real fast. She didn't try to bite her, but the vet says she did! She told Mama that we would all eventually kill LeeLee, and that LeeLee should be rehomed with someone who actually knew dogs, and Mama should watch Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer. Mama was really mad, and she came out of the vet and called Khyra's mama to vent. Khyra's mama calmed her down, and Mama took LeeLee to Petsmart, where she got to meet a whole bunch of developmentally disabled kids, and she had a really good time getting petted and giving kisses. Then Mama took her to the hardware store to pick up an air conditioner for the living room, and she got to go in there too, where she said hello to everyone coming in and out of the store. So she actually had more of an adventure today than I did for my annifursary! That wasn't fair, but I forgive Mama, because I know she loves me best!