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HULA Certificate

Monday, March 31, 2008


Mama and I had our birthday this past Friday! I turned four, and Mama says she had the 19th annifursary of her 21st birthday. That sounds like 40 to me, but what do I know? Mama bought livergreat for us dogs, and Dad took her and Avi to a restaurant to eat, so Mama wouldn't have to cook. And look what he bought for her! It's a drum! Mama doesn't play it, though, and she wouldn't even let us sniff at it! She put it on a hook on the ceiling where no one but she or Dad can get to it! How mean! But that's okay, because Mama did something really silly today! She was baking cookies with the little biped, and she burned a batch of them. She threw them away in a bag she had hanging from the cabinet door and forgot they were there! Well, I didn't forget!! They were delicious! Sour cream cookies! Yum! Mama came into the kitchen right after I finished the last one, so all she saw me doing was licking my chops! Ha roo! And no, I didn't share a single bite with any of my sisters!

1 woos:

Tucker said...

We hope you had happy birthdays!

Maybe you can get green beans too! If you eat enough cookies.

I love my green beans! And the Human Assistant says I lost a little weight too.

Lucy doesn't get any 'cause she doesn't like them. But Gremlin and Sinjin get all excited. So they get green beans even though they don't need to lose weight.

Maybe you should ask to try 'em!