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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's Plucking Season!

No, it isn't me, and it isn't LeeLee either! It's Smoky and Bandit! Mama says they both look like moths have been at them. Well, I would have to agree with her there. I have to find Mama's camera so I can take pictures to make fun of them. Mama has been following them around the house, plucking out the tufts of fur on Smoky's rear end. Smoky has taken to running from Mama, but Mama just waits till she catches her asleep and plucks away until Smoky wakes up. It's very sad and pathetic. I have a feeling that when LeeLee and I blow our coats, Mama's going to have a pluckfest. Tubey or Meeshka should pass a law that plucking is illegal!

Mama made a big mistake with them tonight, too: she decided to use the shedding blade on Bandit in the living room! On the white carpet! Ha roo roo roo! You should have seen the mess! Mama was covered in Bandit's fur, and the white carpet was black! She looked so funny! I wish I knew where the camera was so I could have taken a picture of it! And what made it worse is that the Hoover doesn't do a good job of picking up the fur, so Mama had to pick it out of the carpet by hand! I bet she doesn't make that mistake again! Bandit didn't like being groomed, so she got her revenge without doing a single thing! Way to go, sis!

Woos until next time,

3 woos:

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

I will definitely be putting non-plucking on my Presidential agenda!

The Daily Echo said...

Our Dad is the official plucker here. We told him he should enroll in Plucker's Anonymous. Mom loves to brush us outside on a windy day so she can hear the neighbor's kids giggle when our bewootiful fluffiness drifts through their yards.

Kapp pack said...

Where's that evil Dyson when you need it?

WOo woo, Kelsey Ann