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HULA Certification

HULA Certificate

Friday, April 20, 2007


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Mom took me on a really long walk yesterday. She said she was trying to wear me out, but I think she wore herself out first, BOL! She put Avi in the stroller and loaded the stroller down with drinks for all of us, and we went walking around the neighborhood for two hours. She wouldn't let me off the dirt road though. She's worried about the possible rattlesnakes in the brush. Rattlesnakes are crazy! The diamondbacks will just give you a warning and leave you alone if you leave them alone, but the Mojaves are just NUTS! They actually chase you! So Mom kept me on the road where you could see if anything was there. We stopped and visited another small person for a little while, so Avi could get out of the stroller and play for awhile. His name is Aidan. He's older than Avi by a couple of months, but he's a lot smaller than she is! I guess he was the runt of the litter?? Do humans even have litters? Who knows?

Aidan's dad and grandad had gone catfishing. I wanted to get closer to the fish, but Mom was totally creepified. The fish were still alive and gasping and thrashing in the net. Mom thought it was gross. I thought it was cool! And they looked pretty tasty!

Well, then we headed home, and I was not even tired! Mom was, though. We walked a really long way--for her, apparently--and she was limping when we got home. Mom has a bad leg too! I didn't know that before, but I knew she was tired because I limp on my bad leg when I'm tired. When we got in the house, she let the other dogs out of their crates to go out back and do their business, and I went out with them...under supervision, of course. I shocked Mom by going out there and doing zoomies with the others. She actually thought I would be tired! Ha! Not this Sibe!

Oh, and this morning, Mom got some pictures of today's misdeeds by me. I chewed the corner off of something she calls a potholder. She had four of them left intact, and I've gotten three of the four--yay, me! So she took a picture of the chewed one. Then I did zoomies while she and the baby were in the living room. Mom had made up the bed really nice, which she tries to do every day. This time, I messed up the bed and clawed up the sheet over the mattress. Mom just sighed and took a picture of the bed. I told her I needed the pictures for evidence. Actually, I do--Meeshka might want more pictures of my Sibe behavior before allowing me to join HULA. I only sent one picture with my application. I can't wait to hear from her!

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2 woos:

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Our mom probably wouldn't even take us anywhere if there was a possibility of snakes. She's totally scared of them, and not just the rattling kind. Even the ones on TV. What a baby.


Khady Lynn said...

Wow, I would certainly be tired after all that and need a really big nap!