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Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm back!

I'm back, sort of! The sale of the house isn't going well, so Mama is letting me blog again. She says it's just as well, since the snow is so bad in the direction we'd be going. I'm not sure how I feel about the snow anymore. When it's cold outside here, I don't want to be outside! I only go out because Mama says we can't use the bathroom in the house unless we learn how to use the thing the humans use--she calls it a toilet. Well, I'm not about to do that! So I go outside because she cruelly makes us, then we run back inside to curl up in front of the heater. Much nicer. Maybe I'd like the cold more if we actually got snow here. Cold without snow is pretty pointless. But even if I don't like the cold much, I'm still all Sibe in other areas! I'm starting to realize that I actually have a furever home, and Mama isn't going to throw me away when I do things she doesn't like. Actually, she gets mad at me sometimes, but I'm a really cute Sibe, so she can't stay mad, and she usually winds up laughing at me when I talk back to her, which makes me happy and I talk even more!

I didn't talk a lot when I first got here, but now I do! And I'm not really big on escapes, like my sisters are. They take off for a long time when they manage to get past Mama and Dad, but I stay home. Okay, at least I don't go far, and Mama always brings out our bi-ped sister when I do get out, because I always come home for her, but I like to tease Mama, because she looks so funny when she's yelling at me to get my "fuzzy tail back in the house!!" And I like to stand up on my back legs on her bed when she's standing next to it, because then I'm taller than she is and I can almost knock her over, which is lots of fun too. And now she needs to buy new sheets for the bed, because I clawed all of the sheets she had while doing zoomies, and they all have big rips in them. I thought they looked better that way, but she doesn't agree with me. I can't imagine why.

And guess what? Now that I really know I'm home, I finally started digging in the dog run! I put four craters back there in the last couple of days, and I got my sister Smoky to help me with the biggest one. When she digs, she can barely get the dirt out of the hole! But when I do it, dirt goes EVERYWHERE! And Smoky's really silly, because she'll stand right where all the dirt is flying and snap at it because it's hitting her in the face! DUH!

We're not done digging that crater yet. I wanna make it really big. Mama watched us digging that one today, and I knew she was there, but she didn't even yell at me! How khool is that?? Of course, there isn't any grass in there--this is Arizona, after all--so she can't really get mad at me for digging! But she says she's going to be very careful walking back there! So I'm letting all my Sibe traits show up a little at a time, just to test her, and so far, everything is really good! Mama really does love me! I'm so glad I came to Arizona, even though summer is really hot, but I love Mama. I'm gonna sign off now, 'cuz it's time to go climb on top of her and get my rubs and hugs. She gives me lots of hugs and kisses! Who knew I'd like that kind of stuff?

Till next time,

2 woos:

Khady Lynn said...

I'm so glad you are back!!! Bummer about the move, hopefully when spring comes around it will sell.

I am shocked and horrified you don't like the cold!! I think it's just because you don't have any fun snow to go with it. Once you move to NY, you will learn to love the cold and you will get lots of snow!!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Thor, don't feel bad about the cold. I like cold, but I hate wet. And what do my parents do? Move me to where it's wet all the time! It was nice and dry most of the time in Texas, but in Washington, the ground feels like a sponge! Not good for my paws.