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Please Help Us Find Blue: His Family Misses Him!

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HULA Certificate

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Help Us to Find Blue!

Blue is a black and white Sibe with brown eyes, as handsome as me, and he's been missing from his house in Brighton, Michigan since May 8, 2007. His mama really misses him a lot! There have been balloonists and parachuters up to look for him, and dog people all across the country (like my mama) are doing whatever they can to try and find him and get him home. So us dogs are gonna do our part here. I talked it over with my sisters Smoky and Bandit, who are honorary Sibes, and they agreed that this blog doesn't have to be about us.

So, here is the flyer about Blue that his mama made:

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In case it shows up too small on the blog, this is what the flyer says:
"LARGE REWARD (no questions asked) BLUE, missing since May 8th even though his name is BLUE, he does NOT have blue eyes. He is black and white with brown eyes. He's also microchipped, so anyone, anywhere can have him scanned by vet, for identification, even if he is halfway across the country. If seen, TRY to keep in sight until help arrives. Call 313-550-6095 A.S.A.P."

There is also another website you can go to for news and information:

Please, if you know where Blue is, please get him home. His family misses him very, very much, and I'll bet he misses them lots too!

--Thor, Smoky, Bandit, and our mama Stacy

1 woos:

Khady Lynn said...

It's so sad that Blue is missing. I sure hope who ever has him is loving him and pampering him, and treating him well.