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Friday, February 15, 2008

Snow, maybe??

It's raining today, so Dad had Mama look up the weather report for the day before he went to work, and guess what? We're supposed to get SNOW tonight! Yes, you heard right, southern Arizona is due for some snow! Okay, it's not much, most likely less than an inch, but it's still snow, and Mama has promised to let us play in it if it comes, especially since it will be gone by tomorrow. She says it snowed about a half inch last winter, just enough for Dad to make a few snowballs to throw at the house, and he brought snow in while Mama was cooking and put it down her shirt! Ha-roooooo, I wish I had seen that! That must have been hilarious! I bet Mama didn't like it much, though!

She has already got the video camera out and ready for if the snow comes, so she can make movies of us in it. I wonder if Dad will freeze another snowball this year? I wasn't here for the last one. I wonder if Arizona snow tastes different from Pennsylvania snow or New York snow? Or Nebraska snow? Holly and Khyra could tell me, I bet!

Well, mama asked me to put up this picture of Bandit and our biped sister. She says I've been hogging the blog. I don't see how I'm hogging it, since it's MY blog! But I'll humor her and post it anyway.


There. It's up. Okay, so it's a cute picture. So what? I'm not in it, so it isn't as cute as it could be, but it's okay. I guess. She wouldn't let me put up the video of us playing out in the yard, because when she made it, we had been out there for a few minutes, and she didn't rake up the inevitable results before making the video. That's not our fault, and I think she should let me put up the videos anyway, regardless of her embarrassment. Maybe it'll teach her to rake first, tape last! Ha-roooooo!

See ya's later!

8 woos:

Kathryn and Ari said...

Good luck with the snow, Thor! We'll keep our fingers (and paws) crossed that you get a good dusting tonight.

The Daily Echo said...

I cannot believe it. Arizona gets snow but PA doesn't. Where's the justice in that? Woo. Enjoy that glorious white stuff.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

I really hope you get snow! Keep us posted!

Kapp pack said...

That would be so cool if you got snow. That would me Phil is really doing his job and has taken our threats seriously.

Kisses, Sky boy

Khady Lynn said...

Wow, snow in the desert?!! I love to eat snow! I'm sure it will taste very good there too! I sure hope you get some!

Cute pix, even if you aren't in them!


Bama said...

Wooohooo are gonna get snow? Woo are some lucky pups, living in AZ & snow, that's the best!
That was a great pic of your sis & biped sis, too bad woo weren't in it, though.
Bama & the RHP

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...



Why is my mom reminded of a song by Albert Hammond Jr about never raining in southern khalifornia??

Hope woo get some!!!


The Army of Four said...

Your baby biped is so cute, Thor! She must get that from you.