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Monday, February 18, 2008

RESCUE: Help Needed for Sibe-mix in NC

Mama came across this today, and got permission to crosspost, so I told her she could use my blog to help get the word out. Here's the email she got:

"Thank you for crossposting this. The only info I have is what I posted in the HH message board and some things Diana and I talked about yesterday.

"I really wish I could find someone, I don't mind you putting my information out there, I need to find a home for him soon. I live in a small little town, and what happened is my dog was "accused" of killing someone's cat, although he has never done anything like that. In fact he lets my cats sleep on top of him. He is the most incredible animal, and part of my family. But this town makes the law as they go. Several people have said he is a terror now, and want him put down. Which I am scared they will get some legal ground to do, be it truth or not. Plus several people have stated that he might have to get a snack thrown to him, I suppose they are plotting to poison him. So here I am with 60+ pounds of Solid White Siberian Husky laying in my living room floor, trying to stay cool while we stay warm. I have cried all day, and emailed every rescue, but all the info that can get out is great. I feel like that finding him a new home is urgent. Note to he is great I mean great with Autistic children.So do you know anyone in the Southern United States that would take in a white mixed breed husky to keep him from being killed.

Thank you, Diana"

Diana's son is autistic and can't understand why his dog has to be killed. I am not sure it would come down to that but you know small towns in the south seem to be able to do what they want. He is 4 yrs old and his name is Napoleon. She is willing to deliver him or meet half way. 1-828-733-3277 name is Diane Fay"

Mama doesn't know anyone in North Carolina, except the rescue I came from, so she's going to contact them to see if they can help, but any other help we can find would be really appreciated. Thanks to everydog that reads this one!


2 woos:

Bama said...

Oh, we're sorry you didn't get your snow, that'snow fair!
Our mama sent an email to Napoleons mom, and will talk to daddy in the am, hopefully we'll be able to at least foster him for a while to get him out of danger and buy more time for him to find a new furever home, we'll keep you posted.
Bama & the RHP

Khady Lynn said...

That is sooo terrible! I feel so bad for them! I hope it doesn't come to that and she can keep him. But, if he has to go, I hope she can find someone soon. Please keep us posted!