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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mama's Newest Thing, and Pictures!!

Mama has decided to try and find a way to work at home, so she can add to the household income that provides us with Canidae and cookies, and yet be home where she can be readily available to serve us as needed. Oh, yeah, and so she can be home with the little furless biped too. So she is looking for a job in something called data entry, and also decided to try her hand at crafting stuff for a website called Dad is trying to figure out how to set up a workspace for her in the living room, Mama's making lists of tools she will need but doesn't yet have, and trying to think of a name for her Etsy store. She wants one that is Siberian-related, of course! Good mama! So , all suggestions from everysibe will be appreciated and considered. She does all kinds of stuff, but mostly beading on the loom and freehand. Look at all the beads she's got! All of those little boxes and pill bottles are full of beads! She says they're all size 11/0, which means they're pretty small. She told me that the larger the number, the smaller the bead, and she also works with size 14/0 beads for really detailed stuff. Wow! Imagine how small those are! I know she has some of those sitting around the house somewhere, but she won't let me see them. She's afraid that if I stick my nose in there to smell them, I'll inhale them and then we'll have to go to the vet. I'm not pressing the issue, since I have NO desire to visit the vet!

Mama said that she plans to take some of her beading graph paper and make transparencies so she can do some really special stuff. There are two types of graph paper she has. One has tons and tons of ovals in straight rows, all touching each other. That paper is for making designs for the loom, which is that wood thing in the picture. Then there's another paper for something called peyote designs, where the beads won't be in straight lines. Too confusing for me. Anyway, if she makes these transparency things, she can put it over a picture and then photocopy it so that the graph shows up on the picture and she can bead the picture! Cool, huh? She's already promised to do one of ME first!! I can't wait! Some of this stuff is pretty! Here's a picture of one Mama never finished.

Now, what all this means is that everypuppy has to get hold of their biped's plastic card thingies when Mama gets things going, and buy stuff so that she can buy us stuff! Ha roo roo roo! Only kidding! We'll see how well it goes!

Mama's been taking pictures of us again too. I forgot to run when she was doing it, so she finally got some of me and LeeLee together. Oh, well, I suppose she can have those few. I'll be generous.

We had another fight here the other day. I don't know if LeeLee started it or Smoky did, but we all got involved, and Mama and Dad weren't real happy with any of us afterward. We all got timeouts in our crates. The little furless biped wasn't happy about that, since she wanted to play with us, but Mama and Dad said she would have to live with it because we were in trouble.

LeeLee got revenge though. The next night, after we got to play in the yard for awhile, she came in the house and went directly to my crate to go to the bathroom on the carpet right in front of it! Mama and Dad weren't happy about that either, because they had to clean it up. There's something to be said for not having opposable thumbs! But I wasn't happy about it either, because it was right in front of my crate! And LeeLee just laughed at me. I don't know why she did it. I think it was just mean. I never go potty in the house anymore. I'm a big boy. LeeLee is just being bratty. She tries to take over Mama and get all the attention, but I'm not about to let that happen! I don't mind letting Mama pet her sometimes, but her lap and her bed are all mine! I already have to share with Smoky and Bandit!

Speaking of my Lab sisters, don't they look cute sleeping together on the sofa? Bandit's on the left, and Smoky on the right. It took Mama a long time to get a good shot of them, so it's a good thing they were sound asleep! Mama says it's really hard to get decent pictures of them because they're so dark they usually just look like black blotches in the middle of a picture. Having seen some of Mama's pictures, I'd have to say she's right about that, but I think that's more Mama's fault than my sisters' color! Ha roo!

Anyway, here's one last picture for now, and then it's naptime for me! Avi was showing LeeLee her tiger that she calls "Cat", but LeeLee wasn't hungry just then! Ha roo!

6 woos:

Tucker said...

Ooh, Avi better be careful with her Tigger! LeeLee looks bothered by it!

The beading sounds really really cool! And hard! We'll help think of a name for your Mama's store.

It's just too early in the day right now. Our thinkers haven't had time to warm up yet!

Lucy and I had a fight too. My ear kinda hurts. Are all of you okay? I hope so!

Bama said...

Your mama's beading work is bearoootiful! Mama says once she gets up and running we'll definitely have to order something from her, maybe something to go with her Ram-a-Lamb bag when the AO4's mom gets ready to take orders!
Names for your mama's business, hmmmm......
TameWolf Tribal Treasures?

Kapp pack said...

Lee Lee doesn't look like such a chunky monkey anymore! That last pic of her and the little biped is very cute!

Woo woo, KA

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Wow, I look at all those little bottles and just imagine the trouble Wilbur would get into. He has to bat EVERYTHING off the counters. Then Steve and I have to chew it. It's a vicious cycle.


Anonymous said...

First things first... Avi is SOOO Adorable. Mom says she just wants to pinch her cheeks and give her a kiss! Ok, wow! You have alot of beeds there to keep watch over. I hope you are sure to watch out for the ones your mom drops so you can alert her of that.

The Daily Echo said...

Look at all those teeeny tiny little beads! Mom says I can't keep my snooter out of anything so my piles in the backyard would be quite colorful. I don't think that's very nice! Although I'll admit that did happen when I found some crayons once. We can't wait to see your colorful creations.