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HULA Certificate

Friday, May 18, 2007

Mom's current obsession

Sorry I haven't posted recently, everydog! Mom has been tying up the computer with her current obsession. What is that, you ask? It is moving from Arizona back to New York. Ever since she qualified for a mortgage, she has been working really hard at getting us out of here. I can't say I blame her; I don't much like the heat here either! And most of her human family is back in New York, so she wants to go. We're all rooting for her, but we have to get rid of this house before we can go anywhere, and Mom says we have to get enough money from the sale of this house in order to make things work. She wanted to get gone before summer really got here, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. What is this "money" that humans are always talking about? It doesn't seem like it's worth all the stress to try and get it. It doesn't even taste good! What's the point?

Mom says that without money, she couldn't bring home our Canidae. Well, there are plenty of rabbits and squirrels out here, and they look pretty tasty. And let's not forget the chickens next door! She also says she needs money to get a new house. Why can't she just dig a den? It would be nice and cool in summer, and nice and warm in winter. Humans are very strange creatures. They take lots of looking after. I think that's why we dogs stay with them. Without us, they wouldn't know how to take care of themselves!

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