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HULA Certificate

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Grooming woes

Mom groomed me last night!! She finally caught me, put me on a leash, put the leash around her ankle, and made me lie there and put up with it! How humiliating! All while the other dogs were all playing! And to make it worse, it took her two whole hours to do it! I didn't have mats or anything, but she says they were starting and that's why she had to do it. She also says I'm gonna have to let her do it more often if I don't want to have to sit still for two hours! It's not fair! It's not my fault I'm the only long-hair in the house! The other dogs don't get groomed unless they're blowing their coats, 'cuz they're all short-hairs! But I guess she's right about doing it more often, 'cuz she hit a couple of spots where I had to let her know it hurt! I didn't bite her or anything, I just mouthed her wrist really gently, and she let up. I don't think I want the mats to start again if it's gonna hurt to get them out, so I guess I will have to submit to this indignity at least once a week. I'll give her that, and if that isn't enough, we can work out something then. But she gave me a treat afterward, for being a good boy, and that was cool, because I was the only one who got a treat!

6 woos:

Macie-Malechai said...

We feel your pain Thor, we had to be "furminated" again last weekend. It SUCKED! But we have to admit it does make us mighty fluffy!
Face Licks, M&M

Khady Lynn said...

Mats are no good! Monty and Kona can get those cuz they have long Samoyed fur too. Luckily, we just chunk out. But, then we get "plucked" as mom calls it. She just starts plucking us like a chicken or something! I don't mind it much, and Sam tolerates it, but Abby HATES to be plucked! Mom and dad usually try to keep our grooming sessions to short ones, just more often so we don't have to be still for so long!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Poor Thor. Did she use a (shudder) Furminator?


Anonymous said...

Oh, I HATE to be brushed. I cry like mom is killing or abusing me!!!


P.S. I have totally been in the dark. I had your other page bookmarked on my blog and keep checking it and no new post. Today, I just discovered that you have another blog!!! Silly me!

Khady Lynn said...

Thor where are you?? Is your human busy packing you all up for your move to NY???


Thor said...

Sorry, everybody! We haven't done anything interesting lately because mom IS packing us up! There have been all kinds of new and interesting smells in here because of the new and interesting people coming to see the house! So we haven't done anything fun because everytime someone new comes in, mom puts us in the crates so we don't jump on everyone! As soon as possible, I will have an adventure to write about!