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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My sister Cheyenne has crossed the Bridge

Despite all the craziness around here while mama is packing for us to move and trying to sell the house, it was very important for me to sneak onto the computer today to pass on the news about my sister Cheyenne. Mama took her to get help crossing the Bridge yesterday. She growled and snapped at our human sister, who is only two years old, and the rest of us would never have dreamed of doing that! But Cheyenne was scared of everything and everyone all the time, especially our human sister. Mama was afraid she might bite her.

It really wasn't Cheyenne's fault. She was just made that way. She didn't mean to do such bad things. Mama and Daddy tried to train it out of her, and then tried to find her a new home, but it didn't work, so Mama did the nicest thing she could for her. Now Cheyenne is all fixed up, and she's gonna wait for Mama and the rest of us at the Bridge (no offense, Cheyenne, but I'm in no hurry to get there!) and watch over us until we do. Mama cried a lot yesterday. We're gonna miss Cheyenne. I even went out and helped Daddy dig her grave. Okay, well, I supervised the digging and kept Avalon busy, but that's contributing too, right?

Bye bye, Cheyenne. We're all gonna miss you lots.

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Cheyenne: January 5, 2006 to October 16, 2007
We love you very much, little sister.